I don't think Masanao has met Grant yet.

The bus was hot and crowded.

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Clean yourself up, Donald.

Perhaps we could find a substitute.

Please ask whether they have this book at the library.


I'm a university student.

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Let me show it to you.


It's later than you think.

We hope to reach the summit before it gets dark.

They finished building the bridge on time.

I think it's time for me to leave now.

The doctor advised him to do more exercise.

It isn't necessary for you to be multilingual.

I think you should rest a bit. You look pale.

Which car is theirs?

Tell him where we've gone.

What is the breadth of this road?

Ramses II was an Egyptian pharaoh.

Micah likes being the center of attention.

I'll help you look for her.

I made several mistakes in the exam.

I'm the one who rescued her.

I'm going to return this to Carl.

I almost believe I could do that.


I'm hung over.


I must speak to them.

I would like to know how these substances are absorbed by the body.

My mistake!

I can't do this all by myself.

I don't think you two should get married.

Rex took off his jacket and hung it up.

Dan was approached by Linda.


Take whichever of these you want.

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Thank you for coming in early.

I'll see you Saturday.

I was in Tokyo yesterday.

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A stranger asked the girl whether her father was at home or at his office.

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Several people were arrested.

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On the highway of life, sometimes you'll be the bug, other times you'll be the windshield.


Olivier wasn't always this happy.

Linda wore no make-up.

Gil attempted to clarify what he meant.

There must be a better way of doing this.

"I'm in a terrible hurry... for reasons I can't say," Dima replied to the woman. "Please, just let me try on that suit there."

Blayne and Shahid threw a big party.

Could you wrap it in Christmas wrapping?

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You're back sooner than I thought you'd be.

Isabelle missed his flight.

Noemi worked at a hospital.

The only one we have is this one here.

If you get sleepy, tell me.

We became very close.

Don't bring bad luck.


Let's give Richard a big hand.

I think Honzo's dress is too tight.

The stream flows into the pond.

It's too early to tell anything.

He had the face of a daifuku.

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I don't get in fights with people.

Matthew could stay at our house if he wants to.

Faint grew the sound of the train.

This house is registered in my name.

Izumi started working.

Could you do the dishes, please?

My telephone service was cut off because of unpaid bills.

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Is the food good in this restaurant?


If your prices are competitive, we will place a large order.

Try not to repeat yourself.

The buying and selling of peoples' personal information is becoming a big issue.

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The little boy counts it out on his fingers and said, "Seven."

I was watching him.

How do you wear these things?

Jane Austen's work speaks often of money and property.

This heater burns gas.

The warranty for my TV is expired.

"Don't lie" doesn't necessarily means "tell the truth".

Naresh doesn't usually do stupid things like that.

Can I begin?

Jagath was the one who helped me escape from jail.

Mechael doesn't know anything about Lucius's family.

Soccer is very popular in Spain.

The bullet went through his body.

We have just bought two pieces of furniture.

Did George say why he was here?

You do good work.

It's a fortnight trip from here.

Juri asked George to lunch.

Is she a girl or a woman?


He likes mountaineering and knows the mountains of Japan quite well.

Ahmet pointed at Phillip.

I'll tell her you asked.

That day, Harv bought as many cameras as he could afford.

Hitoshi's not quite sure of that one.

The chairman rejected the proposal.

Please make my bed.

You should tell them what to do.

It doesn't need to be done right away.


Shadow rolled over and snoozed for another 15 minutes.


Are you afraid of the future?

Why wouldn't you buy me what I wanted?

Marcel knew what to say.


With the fever that you have you cannot go out of the house.

Larry Ewing is drunk.

I was not too pleased with his rashness to take down that guy.

My wife buys vegetables from a supermarket nearby.

I want to go back to the lab.


She called for help.

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I imagined the whole thing.

I think I can tell you what's going on.

I don't know if it could get any worse than this!

How did Mickey react to that?

It's hard to tell where we are.


Have you seen him today?

When did you study yesterday?

That is sensitive apparatus.


He still hasn't given me the money I lent him.

We want to find Spass.

He should be put in prison.

What made you change course?

What if someone sees this?

I can ask her to help.

The travel agent suggested that we take some traveller's cheques with us.


We shouldn't have stayed up till 2:30.

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Can you take that chance?

They're interrogating her.

Written for children, this book is easy to read.

I won't let Noam hurt you.

We're not entirely sure why Sue did what he did.

Randal spent all night at the bar.

Those present were all against the plan.


Are you a dog guy or a cat guy?

I actually appreciate that.

Felicja enjoys watching TV.


I go to all of my club's matches whenever I can.


Kimmo kissed Mahesh passionately on the lips.


I don't like public speaking.

I took some creative liberties. I hope you don't mind.

How about another cup of coffee?

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Jason only takes painkillers when he just can't stand the pain any longer.

I can read without glasses.

Huashi was here yesterday morning, wasn't he?

I think you had better stick to your present job.

For dessert, Ralph ordered chocolate parfait with vanilla ice cream.

I don't want anything to jeopardize our friendship.

The movie wasn't all that great.

You can't keep secrets from me!

I was at the movies with my brother.

Sanjib ought to be here.

That's so funny.


What's Lar's middle name?

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It was surprising that she said that.

Was it really necessary to change the front wing?

I'm hoping to arrive this weekend.


I had to cancel that order because we didn't have enough money to pay for it.

You want me to tell you it's OK, don't you?

I need a room for two people.

Aren't you happy to see me?

The legend says they never turned up again.

We did warn Sanche.

My sister is quick-thinking.

Our P.E. kit was just shorts but now it's spats from today.

Duncan could barely breathe.

He'll really be happy, won't he?

Are you almost here?