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He was absorbed in listening to the music.

Now I offer you my death.

Isn't that the same guy who wants to buy your house?


I'm from the Netherlands.

He came to the party last night with Jane.

Be careful. This may be the last time in your life you make a mistake.

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Petr came to see me yesterday afternoon.

What is going on up there?

I'll see what I can find out myself.


It was Hank's idea to do this.

We don't even know how to contact Malus.

She loves the peace and quiet of the town.

We were just talking about you when you called.

Carlo had no idea Matt could do this.

Think before you act.

I'll love you for the rest of my life.

I can see what I need to see.

Maybe Pinocchio's wooden head with its inbuilt high tech microchip has more intelligence than the rest of the world.


How dare you speak of love, you who never knew Lola?

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Give me a hand here, will you, Knute?

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I know where to look for them.


Bradford has promised he won't do that anymore.

Would you mind telling me what you're waiting for?

I'm really here on business.

Business isn't going so well.

We've got to protect what's ours.

At the bus stop, people waited in orderly lines, but as soon as the bus pulled up, the line broke up.

They made noises all night, which kept me awake.

Richard Nixon dropped from public attention.

I am taking pictures of the bridge.

You're a genius.

The enchantress clutched Rapunzel's beautiful tresses, wrapped them twice round her left hand, seized a pair of scissors with the right, and snip, snap, they were cut off, and the lovely braids lay on the ground.

Who do you think broke the window?

A woman is reading a book in the library.


I called at my uncle's house yesterday.

I remember that a letter is sent.

God, don't mock my faith!

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Everything is going as it should be going.


I can take Hon.

I can not stomach it.

There was a car accident near here, wasn't there?

Emil seems assertive.

I never ceased pitying ourselves.

Terrance is going to meet me back at my house.

I was too afraid to say anything.

Look, I want to be straight about this.

We can't guarantee that.


Stop taking pictures. You look like a tourist.

If I don't get to Boston for the convention, my boss will fire me.

She wasn't your sister.

I didn't say I was completely satisfied.

He arrives tomorrow, in Paris.


Lately it seems that no matter how much I sleep, I stay tired. I wonder if I've come down with something strange.


Do you see the color? It means you're pregnant!

You want to go out for a drink?

I just saw Sarah last week.


They're very successful.

I thought that Sherman was going to kill me.

I wonder if the sea level really will rise when the ice at the North Pole melts.


Who was Greta Garbo?

It can be yours, for the right price.

Cheating on one's spouse is not usually considered acceptable behavior.

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I've been looking forward to playing music with you.

Please let me out.

I didn't know Raman and Kolkka had broken up.

I wish Louise hadn't told Christopher about that.

That's not a choice you have.

A lion is an animal.

Moe raised his glass.

The ice is too hard to crack.

Irfan lost his wallet.


Pratt and Rolfe like to dance.

Doctors have offered me nothing but sleeping pills.

Scott's job is to evaluate the assets of companies.


I'm hot.

Do you think Anatoly is unprincipled?

Tuna usually fishes off the dock, but sometimes he fishes from the shore.

You will soon be able to swim.

We study from six to eight hours a week.

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This thing can't be rushed; it needs long-term planning.

Of all the languages I've studied, French was the hardest.

He didn't think it was funny.

He demanded that I pay right away.

Let's not let that happen again.

What do you think the weather looks like?

I'm sure glad I found you.

Judge looks pretty miserable.

He stole a motorcycle from a student.

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Presley, there's a bee on your head!


Walter might know what Don wants.

He was not a happy camper.

Sharon left work early, complaining of a headache.


Henry's studying.


The two most important people in the meeting are Karl and Toerless.


Clyde was about to burst into tears.


He took a book off the shelf.


However, it is too expensive.

Can I use a credit card for payment?

Andrea died in the fire.

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Dan studied psychological warfare techniques at infantry academy.

Is your sister swimming in the river?

If the lamp's hot then, to avoid burns, wait around 45 minutes for it to cool down.

How do you want me to handle that?

The ground is wet after rain.


There's no doubt about it.

Why do you think that soccer isn't very widespread in the United States?

It happened just the way you predicted.

Kikki wanted to find a creative way to tell Kanthan that he loved her.

Thank God nobody died.

I love art and quiet evenings at home.

I am called John.

Her illness is without a cure.

She worked at the cost of her health.

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You're not a very good liar.


They're alive.

Ozan wants to meet me.

He differs from his brother.

What's the fastest way to get to Boston?

Cotton may have been used in India as long ago as 3500 BC, and in Peru as long ago as 3000 BC.

We want to attend tonight's concert.

Men are usually more interested in sports than women are.

When he got into trouble, he turned to his parents for help.

There was no response.


Norman Finkelstein's parents were survivors of the Holocaust.

I want Duncan fired.

It's hard to imagine a family more dysfunctional than ours.

Dieter's shirt is drying.

You hurt him.

The horse is a useful animal.

Hillary is used to talking to foreigners.

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We had too much clothing.


I watched TV only to waste an hour.

This isn't a big deal.

Why did your cats hide under the blanket?

Can you tell me what I did wrong?

I don't think I'm supposed to be here.


How many people can fit in this room?


I didn't have to say it twice.

Have I said something wrong?

Mac is as tall as I am.

Cristina is in a state of shock.

If you don't help me, it won't get finished on time.

Where did you bite them?

I don't want to buy this carpet.

Jimmy insisted on my taking him to the zoo.

You've made a big mistake.

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I love talking to Jose.


It is important to maintain backward compatibility with software that was written to run on the former system.

Everyone's in the buff, in there.

I'd think twice about that, if I were you.

During the discussion of the summary report of CC CPSU in the congress, it was noted that, under the guidance of the Communist party, in close cooperation with all the Socialist countries, the Soviet people have made great progress in the struggle for building a Communist society in the USSR and in that for world peace.

He looked at me and laughed.

I studied very hard, only to fail the examination.

I've learned to cook.

I suggest that you put on some clean clothes.

Shamim forgot his key so he crawled in through the window.

Why don't you come with us?

He described the scene in detail.

Thanks for your comments.

But this is an issue to which we return later.

What I'm saying is quite true.

What floor is it on?