He is waiting.

What did you major in at college?

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Betsy left me a message last night.

It is a matter of taste.

Physics is the basic physical science.


Beverly could tell by the smile on Jakob's face that she had had a good time at the party.

I cannot appreciate the subtleties of the subject.

We have to stop him.

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Parapsychology is the study of paranormal and psychic phenomenons, including ESP.

I almost drowned.

As I entered the coffee shop, I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.

Carrying out the plan was easy.

Griff won't be forgotten.

This is neither new nor unknown.

Do you know where he bought his camera?


We have a square table.

The weather changed quickly.

I always look at this picture with disgust.

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I have no further questions.

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Those snakes are extremely dangerous.


If I am not myself, who am I?


I think you've already met Christian.

I'd better wake them up.

Japanese people are considered to be polite.


Ted is handy at repairing watches.


The show was exciting.

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A large truck came around the corner.

In addition, to about 30,000 yen, the wallet contained his driver's license.

I am a flawed person, but these are flaws that can easily be fixed.

The US prepare new sanctions against Russia.

Does he have a pet?


The book is polychrome.

You have to stay in bed.

Do you want a cup of coffee?

What's with your hair?

I'm new here.

I'm sure Samir will do the same.

Are you a teacher here or a student?

I'm doing it voluntarily.

I don't do that kind of thing.


I am often confused with my brother.

Subra should be here any second.

Would you like some fruit juice?

I spent the whole night trying to fall asleep.

This is the book I want to read.

The economic situation grew worse.

Well, it seems like Phil Anselmo will have to step aside.

She tried to look much younger than she actually was.

She has great charm.

If you want to get out of here alive, follow me.

I wasn't the only one who didn't know Sofia.

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No one claims that he's a saint.


The eaves are dripping.


I caught him trying to sneak out.

I doubt Alain can comprehend what we're talking about.

He never saw his sister again.

He was left alone in the center of the stage.

I'm just a friend.

Jerry is three inches shorter than Rakhal.

The supermarket was relatively empty for that time of day.

Malaclypse came to Japan as a child.

Americans under the age of eighteen aren't allowed to vote in presidential elections.

What were you even doing there?

What will become of our offspring if a nuclear war breaks out?

They urged him in vain to sell them his prosperous firm.

Hwa is breaking the law.

You had better act upon his advice.

Everyone looks so happy to be there.


Why did you want to talk to me?

Has anything like this happened before?

Look at that girl!


We have many reasons to be hopeful.

It was unseasonably hot in Boston the last time I was there.

Can we call her now?

He taught us that Columbus discovered America.

Jin helped me clean up the mess.

She's spending too much time watching TV.

Isn't it interesting?

Ken always takes his mother's side when his parents argue.

Look at this.

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What would you like me to say?

Do you have any tattoos?

Pratap wrote a tragedy with a happy ending.

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He discussed the problem with his son.

Traditions no longer make any sense.

The teacher let the boy go home.

Natraj has been seeing a psychiatrist since October.

It was very difficult.


We're all worried about him.

I want to stay home and sleep all day.

We'll call Dr. Shiegal for you.

We were married for three years.

Those horses are yours.

Bret will answer all your questions.

This is a good start.

What are you worth?

Is it still true?

In this winter, it seems that it gets very cold.

I think I've heard this song before.

A quarrel arose about what to do with the land.

Was that weird for you?

I haven't done that since high school.

This book is not only more instructive but more interesting than that book.

What happened changed Deb's entire life.

The house is five hundred years old.

Luke choked with emotion recalling how homesick he used to feel at boarding school.

Who's the new guy?

The Hollywood-style cultural dance was clearly aimed at westerners.

Hans hoped that Annie was telling the truth.


I'm glad I'm not late.

His bravery is worthy of praise.

Will Mr Oka teach English?

A lot of birthday cards will arrive soon.

We've got to go now.


He wrote example sentences all night.

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She wanted her children back.

Wendy is unusual.

He's the head of the marketing department.

I have already done so many sacrifices, I can't afford to do another one!

What can I get you today?

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I've already seen Starbuck about that matter.

During my entire life, I've fought against superstition.

This year's fashions are quite different from those of last year.


I can't protect her.

It began to rain.

Wolfgang and Moses are playing mahjong.

All hope abandon, ye who enter in.

I am sorry, but I have someone coming.

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I'm sure you'll like him.

This is infuriating.

I don't understand a word of what he says.


Hurry up, and you can catch the train.

She's a bitch.

I did nothing of the sort.

The accident happened because of the driver's negligence.

What do I do till then?

Dry wood burns well.

She is as busy as a bee.

We thought of him as a genius.

The Americans don't accept Fascism any more than they do Communism.

Have a fantastic couple of days if I don't see you in classroom.

We have two dogs, three cats, and six hens.

The old lady stepped off the bus.

Only animals should wear fur.


I don't do anything.

I have never heard him crying like this.

It's too dark here to read a book.

You can cry if you want.

Look at those fish in the pond.

Bill is now on duty.

Jong hasn't opened his book yet.

What terrible news!

Does anybody know about this?


He is such a great artist that we all admire.


She's a fan of French cinema.

That motor doesn't have enough power.

I am sure it must have slipped your memory.

He declined the offer and so did I.

But "experiment" is not the appropriate word.

Did you catch anything the last time you went fishing?

We just want to talk to her.

I think it depends.

That lies outside my area of study.


Are you still playing golf?

We were trying to impress Chuck.

Jussi apologized to his teammates.

They're giving a big ball at the American Embassy tonight.

I don't know what you're talking about.