When was the last time you visited your grandmother?

Trust me, you don't want to know.

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Nothing's happening right now.

I know something they don't know.

I would never wear that color shirt.

For whom do the bells toll?

The robber aimed his gun at the police officer.

I'm just as capable as anyone else.

That's pretty impressive.


Are you here for business?

You got that right.

Tim has an ear infection.

Something is terribly wrong.

Starting to speak and making mistakes is a lot better than to keep silent in resignation.


"I've seen a lot of things in my time here", he said to her, "but I've never seen that".

I happened to bring a knife with me.

Lynnette whispered.


I have some things I want to do.

NASA's Mars rover discovered traces of a river bed.

Go easy on the beer!

Daniel has been missing since the incident.

Tell Francis I feel fine.

I know this house used to be yours.

They're nice.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom.

Strange to say, his prediction has come true.

I'm speaking with the principal.

I heard that a South American camper was eaten by an anaconda.

Kriton said he didn't think Tahsin had ever been to Boston.

The people don't like the birds.


The police officer's partner was shot.


It's cold in the winter, warm in the summer.

I got several bites, but could not hook a fish.

Jaime helped pack Michiel's things in boxes.

You're welcome to give it a try.

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.

I don't talk to barking dogs.

After long consideration, Beth decided to major in mechanical engineering.

The snow is powdery.

Charley couldn't say what he wanted to say.

You haven't even asked me what I think.

The hearing acuity of dogs is superior by far to that of humans.

The bus was ten minutes late.

I'm sure Jess will ask you to the dance.

To speak frankly, I think he is a good boss.

Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Because of the Internet, people can meet other people whom they otherwise would never meet without the Internet. And it is at least global.

We are longing for peace.

Mat was evicted from his home.

I went fishing with my brother in the river.

We cross the railroad tracks every morning.

My husband and I prefer to spend time at home together.

One thought driven home is better than three left on base.

The close-cropped lawn is beautiful in the eyes of a people whose inherited bent it is to readily find pleasure in contemplating a well-preserved pasture or grazing land.

No one knows who's in charge here.

The soccer player ignored the jeers from the opposing team's fans.

Knapper is feeling good today.

Your mental age is too low.


As a mercenary, did you participate in torture sessions?

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Novo forgot the anniversary of their first date.

Everyone says that my father was working on the space station before he met my mother.

He hurt his knee when he fell.

Give me five gallons of gas, please.

I could not stop myself from crying aloud.

Juliane drank three glasses of wine.

We are going to have dinner in an Indian restaurant tonight.

I don't think that technology provides us with everything we need.

Did you try this key?

Let's break stereotypes!

The kidnappers blindfolded them.

I thought you said nobody knew about us.

Do you realize what you've done?

Even though Milo still had tears in his eyes, he began to smile.


My aunt dropped in on me yesterday.

Look in the phone book.


There is a fork.

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Why didn't you tell me there was a meeting today?


He did well in the examination.

It is next to impossible to go to school.

The passengers were asleep in their cabins when the ship hit a huge iceberg.

We're in the well.

My grandmother had an operation in Germany.


The Lvov city council once more draws attention to the false information regarding the intention to ban speaking Russian in Lvov.

Most people expected John Adams to win.

Someday you'll know the truth!

Are you using that?

It is not you but he that is to blame.


The earth is round, not flat.

It's difficult to learn Korean.

She felt like taking a walk.

Don't you have any will power?

He's not a bad guy.


I didn't have to help Leif, but I did.

She wrote a letter.

Making good grades requires studying hard.


The table at which I dined was close to the window.

I awoke this morning at the crack of dawn, only to find that the crops had been ruined by ravenous birds.

Jack asked Straka how much she weighed.

I'll come by bus.

I'll be seeing you again.

Don't you think that's a good combination?

From now on, you'll have to take care of yourself.

If he is not rich, he is at any rate happy.

Can I assume you're interested now?

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He reached that shelf.

It is said to be carcinogenic.

It wasn't until yesterday that I heard the news.

I'm not mad at them.

The child cries instead of laughing.


Don't try to bullshit me, tell me the truth.

Lynnette didn't know what hit him.

What were you waiting for?

It ain't easy to please my parents.

We'll make sure Darci knows what he's supposed to do.

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I built a new house.

I'll do the shooting.

I'm just doing it for the dragon's blood.

Would you like to see a live performance of a play with me Saturday?

When I was little, my grandmother would put out a small bowl of milk specifically for hedgehogs.

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Vladimir walked into the room carrying a brown paper grocery bag.


Naren silently thought about it.


My attendance is necessary.

I'll try not to disappoint you.

I didn't know you couldn't speak French.

I think it's about time for us to leave.

We've only known each other for three months.


Traveling by boat is a lot of fun.

I would never be your husband.

A trip to Hawaii costs around 200 dollars.

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What price do we have to pay for these advantages?

I can respect why you did it.

I have nothing to live for.

She's here to protect you.

Vladimir wanted Rex to cook dinner.

Phillip was kissed by Wilson.

We'd never hurt Vicky.

What scares you most?

Who was taking care of Steven when this happened?

Derek is a normal guy.

Can you tell me where you were at the time of the murder?


The work leaves traces on Tatoeba...

Niall says some stupid things sometimes.

Tait doesn't look too happy.


Melinda was alive.

The jackal howls.

Edward has downloaded a GPS tracking app onto Lorien's mobile phone so that he can know where she is at all times.

I don't like her touching you.

Sandip and Sridharan went potholing.

What is your opinion on school uniforms?

Every day at school I eat with my friends.

They found it.

I live in the United States of America.

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My brother is very tall.


The genome of this virus is unknown.

I'm currently living in Boston.

Why aren't you there?

I knew someone like him once.

Pim is very busy.


She did it carefully.

You are, then, a strange person.

The unsupervised children got up to all sorts of mischief.


I had to respect Carl's wishes, so I left.

They're involved.

You don't even know who your father is.


I can't stand up.

Look at that picture on the desk.

There has to be a reason why this is happening.


You don't need to memorize a dictionary to have good knowledge of a language.