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Being pregnant and overweight can pose risks for both Mom and Baby. MOMFIT is a research study designed to help women manage their weight by living a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy and beyond. MOMFIT wants to help moms become healthy role models to help benefit the entire family! See more.

Scientifically, the Maternal-Offspring Metabolics: Family Intervention Trial (MOMFIT) is a randomized, clinical trial studying the prevention of excessive gestational weight gain among 300 overweight pregnant women who plan to deliver at Prentice Women's Hospital in Chicago. All participants are enrolled in their first trimester and followed for twelve months after delivery. All participants follow their usual obstetrical care. Half of them also participate in an intensive diet and lifestyle intervention program while the other half are provided web-based resources. To learn about the 844-906-0446

Research shows that excess weight gain during pregnancy can lead to greater complications before, during and after birth. Our goal is to learn how best to prevent that and help instill long-term health. To learn about the scientific basis of this study and the LIFE-Moms Consortium, click here.

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  • Currently pregnant in your first trimester?
  • Expecting one baby?
  • Doctor says you weigh more than you should?
  • You conceived naturally (no in-vitro fertilization)?
  • Plan to deliver at Prentice Women's Hospital?

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases

IRB#: STU00053566, Grant#: HL 114344

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Please contact:
Niki Gernhofer, Study Coordinator
Phone: 312-217-7475


All appointments at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine's campus
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