We're going to have to do this again.

He just glanced at me.

Which way is Central Park?

My sister works in a bank as a secretary.


Did you iron all the shirts?


I'm irreplaceable.

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Meanwhile, one national newspaper put out a headline in its evening edition, which read Japan and the U.S. came to a substantial agreement. This surprised many people including the government officials.

The man's statement to the pretty girl that he was a millionaire was all eye-wash.

The story of his brave struggle affected us deeply.

Lawrence was correct all along.

Wait, there's more.


We're approximately the same height.


No one here pays.


Please address your mail clearly and correctly.


I'll try to get up early tomorrow.


What's your favorite joke?

That store sells meat and fish.

Have you ever jumped from a bridge into the sea?

I wish I could swim.

Brazil fulfills most of our demand for coffee.

How much did this bicycle cost?

His salary is low so he has to do odd jobs.

He stopped the car.

None of these books were very interesting.

That's none of your concern.

This is the best horse in the stable.

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My elder sister is good at playing the guitar.

For the first time, in 1969, man touched the lunar surface.

I know you like Isidore.

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I want to be in the other group.

You don't look too good.

Shari turned out to be a thief.

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It's not wrong.

Hillary thought it was Vice who had broken into his apartment.

Forgive me for being late.

Today's pure mathematics is tomorrow's applied mathematics.

I'm going to do a trick with only four cards.

Mind your own business!

I know you're pretty interested in Jayant.

In their case, it was love at first sight.

I've been pretty fortunate.

I don't want to go to class!

My apples are gone.

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They trust him.

He left his team because he couldn't get along with the manager.

You can adjust this desk to the height of any child.

Are you in love with him?

I assume you've graduated from high school by now.


Let's shake hands and be friends.

Mac is a bad role model.

I admit that I made a mistake.

It's too late to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted.

I was chosen for that.

The knife belongs to the gardener.

We don't even need this.


We suspect it's about a poisoning by snake bite.

She always turns a deaf ear to my advice.

I thought you had lost your watch.


The only reward of virtue is virtue.

I have a feeling I know where Lowell is.

Everyone's looking for us.

Heather couldn't help her.

Takeuchi found a job.

They are angry at your ill manners.

Frederic is hunting for a job.

I understand, but I cannot agree.

Don't those news announcers very often expect to talk?

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She is loved by everybody because she is cheerful.

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The crane picked up the concrete block and laid it in the middle of the road.


He is truly small but very strong.

You're talking to a woman.

Why should I help him?

I've got a message for her.

You said that Mac was busy.


I'm getting the hell outta here.

The prince says that the world will be saved by beauty! And I maintain that the reason he has such playful ideas is that he is in love.

I see the girl.


I will be seeing the doctor again next Friday.

He is an aristocrat.

I dislike living in such a noisy place.

Children need love and attention.

I complained, but they refused to take this sweater back.

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Angus seldom eats seafood.

Betsy never talks about his work.

I don't hate myself.


The old King stood outside at the stove chimney, and listened to her words.

All I want now is a glass of water.

The two poems express human suffering.


It should be known that I can stand on one leg.

He said that.

Do you feel anything unnatural when you put your teeth together?

Southern men, Northern women.

Life is unfair.

I would have somebody sweep this room clean.

I like Surya better this way.

Europe looks like a paradise now.

It was totally secret.


I didn't have to do anything.

This was very difficult to watch.

Cancel all my appointments.

Darren and Sarah were friends, nothing more.

Were there any other people in the house?

We're listening to music, and you?

I have some old clothes I'm going to throw out.

Do you know how to play the piano?

I am incomplete.

The sky is cloudy and it will rain.

We have pilaf, lo mein, and kebabs in our restaurant.

I smell something rotten.

I'm sick of running.


So, I didn't call for any particular reason; I just wanted to hear your voice. If you're busy, I'll let you go.


Two years have passed since Jim graduated from high school.

I can't express myself in French very well.

Stop doing that.

He founded a small association in the Czech Republic.

The bed was too hard.

It'll probably take you about 10 minutes to solve this problem.

Both legs are weak.

My parents forbid me from seeing Ruth again.

Roxie carried two children from the burning house.


I'm not a drug addict.

Please don't do anything stupid.

I wish I could be in Boston right now.


Everything fell into my lap.

Believe it or not, peaches and almonds are family.

I've had it with your riddles.

Let's go visit them.

I should know by now that I shouldn't trust Steven.

It won't be lonely here.

My wife beats me.

Derek got here before I did.

Contemplating the reason for existence means contemplating non-existing things.

I'm not going without you.

Don rinsed his mouth.

I work during the night.

When I was reading a book, the telephone rang.


This camera is less expensive than that one.

Hey, don't turn off the lights. I'm working in here.

She is by far the best player in that country.

I'm impartial.

I am a member of the baseball team.

Janet was on the same bus as I was.

What does PTA stand for?

A man's worth lies not in what he has but in what he is.

She is a wealthy woman.


I hate it when you pretend like you don't know me.

I now know it's possible.

Grace is busy with some paperwork.


All my friends can speak French.

I will wash my car in a hand car wash today.

Would it be possible for us to talk to Frances?

I claimed my baggage.

Doctors did everything they could to cure him.


How much money do you owe them?

I have to survive.

Ninja spent three weeks in Boston.

The rain didn't stop, and went on for the whole day.

What's your opinion on this?


Everything Allan did was groundbreaking.

I won't discuss this with you or anyone else.

The crowd began to shout.

We're not going very fast.

I'm not surprised by this.

At four o'clock, they arrived at the hotel.

May I ask where are you going?

Diane is the guy talking to Mason.

What's your favorite vegetable?