This area is as big as a football pitch.

When was the last time you bought shoes?

I had difficulty in solving this problem.

The pyramids of Egypt are one of the seven wonders of the world.

Do you think I'm strong enough?

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me.

I was jealous of you.

Too many people are indifferent to politics.

This is my old bicycle.

There was water all over the kitchen floor.

I love this company.

Perhaps you should've gotten a bigger one.

I heard explosions.

Are you seriously thinking about having a baby?

"Good morning. The snow is piled up outside." "Really!?"

The next month he achieved his first NHL shutout and showed the talent of an NHL super goalie.

Her dress was ruined.

The dripping ice cream dirtied his pants.

Far be it from me to understand the French.

I think Anatole is fair.

I'll be waiting outside.

Do you actually think that's true?

The lady wore a necklace of pearls.

It's so easy when you know the rules.

You're hiding something, aren't you?

He wants to be independent of his parents.

He will be waiting for her.

Don't forget to call me up tomorrow.

You need to go with her now.

It's getting a little bit ridiculous that day after day I'm busting my ass so that you'll learn something. Now, for once, I'll do something for my own education.

We often compare Japan to England.

Kyu likes me more than he likes you.

Can we do some work now?

Judith is the only one who survived.

Everybody knows that it worked.

I know that he will be introduced to a lady by his uncle today.

She is growing tall.

The consequences of Sendai's earthquake were dreadful!

You listen more to what this charlatan says than to what the doctor says.

The Japanese word "tatoeba" means "for example."

Lowell is waiting inside.

Subdued girls are generally the prettiest I reckon. The loud, bustling ones are awful.

We've taken very good care of Wade.

She had a really frumpy outfit on today.

He fooled me.

He explained the plan's main objective.

What are the five senses?

He promised that he would treat John as his own son.

A bird soared above.

"Is there anything that I need to avoid when I recover from giving birth?" "Yes, getting pregnant."

No one told me about that.

Your goodwill sank into my heart.

I've done rock climbing and deep-sea diving and slept in an Indonesian jungle.

I've got things under control now.

Will she come home at five?

How did you get Raghu to go out with you?

I don't want to go with Pontus.

Terrance does a lot of things well.

He took great pains in educating his children.

I want to do some shopping around here.

He is a fox of a man.

Cecilia is quite moody.

Come home by 6:30.

Boston University's fitness and recreation center has basketball and volleyball courts, a rock-climbing wall, an Olympic-sized pool, an indoor running track and locker rooms with showers.

I realized I needed help.

Pedro isn't coming here tonight.

They sang songs around the fire.

I wish you hadn't found me.

Life is a great mystery.

Let me talk to them.

I was in the front seat.

My mother made cookies this morning.

I haven't talked to Mariou in almost a year.

I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

It's not healthy for you.

He is going to drive you to the airport.

At that time, I used to have terrifying hallucinations.

Jay never used to smoke, but he does now.

Still waters run deep.

Put your masks on.

The foundation is bedded in concrete.

I'll change it.

Damon took a picture of Darryl's dog.

I've got to see someone.

That guy over there doesn't even look like Brandon.

I'll see him tomorrow night.

Ram often wears sunglasses.

The doctor gave her four stitches.

Technically, drugs that cause miosis can relieve the PNS effects of those causing mydriasis since sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulation tend to negate each others' effects.

Has the sick child improved any?

Babies can become dehydrated from a high fever, so I was told that it would be better to send him to the hospital.

Frederic decided to buy a used car instead of a new one.

Claudia doesn't need to be sorry for anything.

I thought Debbie had already tried to do that.

We must inform the management of what's going on.

Please do not power off or unplug your machine.

Pratapwant will be waiting at the station.

Let's go to lunch together.

Don't smoke in bed!

This is our ship's maiden voyage.

We're doing great.

I must stop procrastinating.

We had a long discussion as to what to do about it.

He's quite active for his age.

You ask Christie a lot of questions.

Why am I alive?

It's kind of creepy in here, isn't it?

I'm thinking of going somewhere for a change of air, since my doctor advises me to.

Is that French?

You're not allergic to anything, are you?

The quarter master was standing on deck, contemplating the scene of tranquillity around him : the blue waters seemed to invite him to a refreshing bath, and he was soon undressed; and, mounting on the barricade, plunged into the sea.

There will be additional students to my class sooner or later.

Aniq turned slowly at the sound of the needy, narcissistic gurgle that sounded from behind him.

What are the main points of Medea's address?

Just tell me how you plan to do that.

I will go on ahead.

Would you like to go to the aquarium with me?

Can I do anything to help them?

I can't explain everything.

He walked on and on in the rain.

In addition, there have been changes in husband-wife relationships.

I deciphered one.

Every spring, the winter ice melts into the streams and rivers and lakes.

Not a word was said.

What did Phil give you?

Griff is really nervous, isn't he?

I left them behind.

Neil is probably more interested in Sigurd than in you.

Gunnar is the least studious of the three.

Have you checked our supplies recently?

That's not what Hwa is asking.

Start singing.

This is strange.

Laurie waited for Albert to come home.

Don't talk during class.

Lance is thinking about what he should do next.

I know you want to see him.

Have you ever gone climbing on rocks?

I won't let anything happen to you.

He came just after you left.

Please don't cut in while I'm talking with him.

Their job is to contact clients.

It never stopped raining the entire day.

I wore several hats at my last office so I'd like to specialize this time.

He is not a singer, but an actor.

Why don't you just tell Lenny what happened?

You don't know that for certain.

I forgot my PIN number!

It will heal.

Ruth is a draft dodger.

This tea is very hot.

Nobody's looking for us.

You sound beautiful.

Hillary ordered escargots.

It is considered impossible to travel back to the past.

I'm allergic to pollen.

The room was so dark that we could see nothing at all.

What are your expenses?

Finally, he reached his goal.

How many languages should a diplomat know?

Himawan hasn't been busy recently.

Be happy and don't ask any more questions...that is best.

In Esperanto, the main stress always falls on the second-to-last syllable.

Change is scary.

Men usually like wrestling as women do not.

Let's discuss it over dinner.

How long do we have to do this?

They began this year.

We can not live without water, not even for one day.

Revised sang off key.

I want you to grow up.

Such people get hold of a chance.

A red dress made her stand out.

Hans gets away because of his stupidity.

Ann waited patiently for Jeany to arrive.

While I see what you say, I can't agree with you.

I've had a little wine.

She's up to her neck in debt.

Effective communication and mutual respect are essential elements of successful teamwork.

I thought you two wanted to work together.

It's as much an art as a science.

Why did you want me to leave?

No one knows where he is.

They fought in defense of their country.

Don't try to keep her to yourself.

Neptune and Uranus are very much alike. They are both large gas planets that look like big blue-green balls in the sky.

We like your car.

No one heard Merril's screams for help.

How much longer will it take for the tub to fill?

I want to drink a pint of Guinness right now.

What do you conclude about her abnormal behavior?

That could be my teacher.

I like listening to classical music a lot.

The mayor expressed his sympathy to all the families of the victims.

I'll be there at half seven.

Classical liberalism deifies abstractions and objectifies humans.

Let's stop wasting time.

The tea will cool down if you do not drink it right away.

I read all the reviews.

You should take this a little more seriously.