IT Consultancy

With more than 18 years experiences in dealing with client's requirement and expectation, BSI has develop the consulting capabilities to understand your needs. 


Application Implementation Service

We provide implementation service whether it's a package application or custom application developed uniquelly for your company.

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Desktop Outsourcing Service

We bring your personal computer, completed with legal and complied supporting tools right to your hand


Network and Communication Service

We provide you with integrated communication solution to support your company connection

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IT Security Service

BSI designs IT Security Total Solution to minimize the security breach and threat to your company information. 

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Data Center Service

We provide Data Center Solution for companies who wish to outsource and/or to co-locate their server. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As one of Mitsubishi Corporation's subsidiary company which established and listed in Indonesia, elicit PT Berlian Sistem Informasi to generate 3 philosophy of Mitsubishi Corporation
1. Shoki Hoko (Corporate Social Responsibilities)
2. Shoji Komei (Integrity & Honesty)
3. Ritsugyo Boeki (Appreciative and Sympathetic among international countries by generating trading among them)
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CSR 2014



CSR 2013



Managed Service

We serves you with IT outsourcing so you can concentrate on your core business matter and leave IT matter to us


Why BSI Managed Service ?

We have international standard of operation procedure with helpdesk & problem management function to support you. SaaS also involves disaster recovery plan and backup system with assurance of legal regulation


What We Do

Serves you with IT outsourcing while minimize risks, quality assurance with service level agreement, sharable investment and resources cost


The word “Improvement” means the process of getting better. Knowing that improvement is very essential in day-to-day business operation, SEVANA Distribution as one of the healthcare distribution companies in Indonesia is also improving their SAP Business One (SBO) System in order to delivers the best value to their customer. 


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TPiCS is a Material Resource Planning (MRP) system which is highly adaptive to any kind of manufacturing process. This system is already used by more than 1,700 companies and more than 9,600 licenses worldwide. The words adaptive comes from the main core of TPiCS which are flexible (f-MRP) Production System and Manufacturing Number Control System which makes it applicable to any kind of manufacturing process in Indonesia.



For the preparation of their new model, Mitsubishi Outlander, PT. Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors (KTB) and PT. Krama Yudha Ratu Motors (KRM) require IT facilities to support their production system. These IT facilities will be implemented at their new assembling plant. The implementation of these IT facilities consists of additional new function and enhancement of current KTB Production Tracking system, for both hardware and software



Jakarta - It’s already proven that Information Technologies (IT) can support and improve the productivity of an organization. Most of great organizations have great IT System. Based on the importance of IT system, it is necessary to have an IT strategic plan and IT architecture plan for your organization.




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