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It could take weeks.

You seem to have thought of something else.

I will go to Japanese class tomorrow.

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It's easier to make plans than to realise them.

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Anderson and Margie are still very busy.


Is this your wine?

That's enough money to cover the expenses.

Prague is very beautiful.

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Pim stole a truck from his neighbor's farm.


That'll be hard.

When did this come about?

My hands are tied.

I never want to see Rathnakumar again.

Please unlink this sentence from English.

He came across the Atlantic in a small sailboat.

I'm afraid I have taken a wrong train.

Here's the report.

Where shall we begin?

Can anyone tell me what to do?

Glen will answer all of your questions.

I'll be with you in just one minute.

Teri resumed reading.


The ground floor was flooded.

Please help yourself to any food you like.

Rajendra's amazed.

Denis knows something's going on.

It's an African country, so you may think the climate is very hot.

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Dan lent Linda his apartment.

Is that really possible?

His overall was covered with paint-stains.

I'm surprised this didn't come up sooner.

It's really hard to choose the right color.

The plan did not succeed.

That's the way Donne always does it.


I will be very glad to serve you.

Trey didn't realize Stuart was serious.

My father didn't eat.


He guaranteed my debt.

Leith gave me a handwritten note from Wade.

I will try to say it guardedly, I will only politely hint at it.

We don't have a mechanism for sustained funding.

Many people had no homes at all.

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Naresh is very outspoken, isn't he?

Dad gave me a watch, but I lost it.

Would people complain about that?


The soldiers are ready for battle.

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That schedule is not in use any more.

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We've always had a good relationship.


We're checking it out.

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We don't want to talk about it.


He flipped the switch and threw the room into brightness.

How can we possibly do that?

Tricia never visits Thad anymore.

He crowded the books into the shelves.

I don't have time to do everything Bernie wants me to do.

They sell candy, cookies and what not.

That man didn't give me his name.

She told me you were sick.

It's not easy being a parent, is it?

"I need a sentence that contains the word 'deficit reduction'. Can you help me?", whispered Starbuck.

Elias works for a Japanese company.

My car is parked outside.

Rajarshi told Ginny he thought she was stupid.

Why didn't you tell us you were hurt?

I'm proud of my father.

Israel is a very small country.

When do we leave?


You forgot to drop the indicator, that's why it never changes its color.

Ed cried all night.

I'm not going help you if you don't want me to.

Connie's hands are always well-manicured.

Louis wanted to do everything the right way.


I'm still trying.

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Nobody offered Tracy a seat.

The train is going at a speed of 50 miles per hour.

Yes, they visited his good friend, Doctor Mortimer.

I always write letters with pen and ink.

Let's stop hurting each other.

Some fans of music will praise all indie songs just for the genre and not the actual quality.

"I'm getting too old to be playing with bugs", said the boy.


The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.

Walt drives a pickup truck.

When her neighbors were sick, she asked doctors to give them medical supplies.


You don't have to go, do you?

Lanny was going to shoot me.

The man is making a long-distance call.


Ro could be Canadian.

Even when I sat in the sun, I was cold.

Their hypothesis is that these strategies may come into conflict with Emmet's theory.

She gave her grandchildren a bottle of milk and a piece of ham and a loaf of bread, and they set out for the great gloomy wood.

I just want to disappear.

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The female warrior's armor seemed to leave many parts of her body unprotected.

She expected him to buy her an expensive gift.

I could intervene.

Speak Italian!

I may not have a lot of money, but at least I live on my own terms.

There's no wine left in that bottle.

Certainly. I'II look for it right now.


"Nigger" is an offensive word.


Don't undo your bootlaces until you have seen the river.

He is at university.

Why should we believe you?

Saul worked as a physical therapist.

I'm sure you're tired.

Ozone protects us.

This has only happened to me once before.


I don't know why the management submitted to the striker's demands so easily.

I paid 10 dollars for it.

I discovered that she was better at math than I.

Rod has only had one girlfriend.

I hope that everything is okay.

Ricky shuffled off.

It's unlikely that the typhoon will hit before morning.

During the morning I feel very lazy, I don't want to do anything.

We have no information about what's going to happen.

My father helped me out of my financial difficulties.

Clayton is a spineless coward.

This book is fundamental for an understanding of biology.

At midnight everybody entered.


You're methodical.

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I don't feel at ease on Facebook.


This isn't the time for stupid jokes.

Don't worry about giving a speech at the wedding; you can just wing it when you get there.

When did you see her dancing with him?

His story was interesting to us all.

Sonja eats rice at least twice a day.

She misses her family very much.

We will fix this.


It's Evelyn on the phone.


You would've enjoyed the movie we went to see.

I'm trying to impress them.

I need an hour off.

Did Barrett look happy to go?

What was Markus called?

It won't be easy to find someone capable of taking his place.

He apologized profusely.

I spent three weeks in Boston last summer.

I like the way you walk.

Everything's going to be fine.

It's not even worth a thought.


Your conduct is perfectly legal.

How are Julie and Juha?

We're all big fans of your music around here.


You are not allowed to leave the room.

I thought you lived by yourself.

On what platform does the train from Lyon arrive?

I hope you liked it and that you come back soon.

Hydration is critically important in hot weather.

He is my old friend.

Knock before coming in.

Philip doesn't have any real friends.

I just heard voices.

Dimitry's favorite thing was cooking.

Who's going to pay for these tickets?

What do you want for your birthday?

It was just a bad dream.

Lievaart won't come to Boston until next week.

Nichael will never allow you to go.

I must make an apology to her.

Sometimes cows are killed by coyotes.

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What is that in front of us?

They don't eat sandwiches at the bar.

Nobody else would help them.

"Duke Onkled, it's tax season! You are under a ton of taxes!" "Don't hurt me, taxes! Please! I'll pay you this key!" "Acceptable enough. Now go away!"

They tried to walk past Sean.