Where did Knut go for spring break?


He earns a lot of money.

It seems that certain operations cannot take place.

What is the difference between a causal relationship and a casual relationship?

He is always in company with beautiful women.

It took Axel a long time to find Janice.


I need you to pull up a website for me.


Let's get ready to leave.

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He doesn't speak frivolously of serious things.

I must get this work finished by next Tuesday.

I'm pretty sure it was Jarmo that I saw.


I can't follow you.

The student ended up sleeping in the classroom.

I wasn't able to do everything I wanted to do.

I still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I'm sure Wilmer will be back soon.

Don't always take sides with him.

She fell from the train platform, dangerously.

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Aren't you satisfied?

Her account of the incident accords with yours.

Gilles doesn't want to live next door to us.

Stay together.

We have just returned from a trip around the world.

Being a father can be a burden sometimes.

We're not going home.


What makes you think she had anything to do with it?

I really must buy that radio next time I am in New York.

He is at once strict and tender.

The question is whether he will agree with us.

Don't tell Diane where you live.


This is insufficient.

You say I should know him quite well, but as a matter of fact, I was introduced to him only last week.

Malus shook his fist at Brenda.

Is this your picture, Alexander? You're a handsome man, indeed.

Since having given up smoking, I feel much better.

The young man who is speaking is my brother.

Alexis is unscrupulous, isn't he?


It was only a bad dream.

Dan increased the speed of the train.

I don't think we can take that risk.

Tanya has really hairy arms.

How ingenious!


They are on their way home.

They left.

I didn't go out because it was very cold.


They're not afraid of political correctness.

There was an explosive mixture in his head containing feelings of inferiority as well as visions of omnipotence.

Why are you so busy today?

I'll get it right this time.

I thought I'd find you here.


Do you need bread, sausage and cheese?

I wanted to have had everything my own way.

The schoolhouse was burnt to ashes.

Delbert got up to leave.

Innovate or perish.

He is mistaken in his ideas about education.

Does this building have an elevator?

Tomorrow, it will rain.

"She doesn't like music." "And she doesn't like me either."

A conflict of opinions arose over the matter.

Is there beer in Hawaii?

Why are your ears so big?

Building a new house cost a lot of money.

Why are you bleeding?

Such a wonderful music!

I know my keys are here somewhere.

The committee were discussing the problem.

Muhammad Ali was an American boxer.

Do you want a sandwich?

We happened to ride the same train.

I think I'm just tired.

Gretchen isn't an angel.

The medicine took effect.

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Could you tell me the Wi-Fi password?

They suffered a lot during the war years.

Sanjib needs water.

I didn't believe Vincent would do it.

But the seat is too big for him.

I think it's about time for me to get a haircut.

I think we know each other well enough.


I'm surprised that she did such a thing.

My left foot has gone to sleep.

Don't waste your time worrying about it.

I've heard that plants are better adapted to space travel than people are.

Stand by me.

Everything will have to be sterilized.

Cook about one and a half cup of rice.

This book is chiefly concerned with the effects of secondhand smoking.

Ira can't trust Kathryn.

Everything was new to me.

Pierce hasn't been answering his phone.

Is the coach frustrated?

We have to get Joseph a present.

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Have you ever used Instagram?


Not this shirt, the other one.


Phillip promised Malcolm that he'd help her.


They fought a fierce battle.

You can count on me for a one thousand dollar donation.

Will you please adjust the clock? It's slow.

I wonder if that's true.

Wake up, sleepy-head!


Sandeep had better not be drunk.

We pushed the rock hard in vain.

The district attorney indicted him for theft and murder.

It was really no problem.

Is Tony there?

If my boy had not been killed in the traffic accident, he would be a college student now.

Switch on the light. I can't see anything.

She snapped her fingers.

I have been very busy lately.


You're not too old for Magnus.

Philip didn't want Marion to swim by herself.

No matter how many people tell him he made a mistake, Ozan still insists he's right.

I'm not finding the equation.

That singer is popular with girls.

I cannot say to you what you have to do.

The conductor corrects what the interpreter says.

I like gardening.

Stay here and look after him.

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The police didn't get the right guy.

I've cut loose all ties with my old friends.


No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in one day.

I told Susanne you already knew about it.

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Whose turn is it to wash the dishes?


I only hope we can get this done on time.

Marvin didn't sleep all night.

What does EC stand for?


Eddy took off his ski boots.

God save the Queen!

Erwin didn't trust Debi as much as she trusted him.


I want you to consider this proposal.

He can run fast.

I'll find somebody.

My doctor told me to put the eyedrops in my eyes three times a day.

If it hurt that much, he wouldn't be playing outside.


Trade knows neither friends or kindred.

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Thanks so much for your good thoughts.


I'm sure you won't enjoy it.

I can't understand what happened.

He gets tough at times.

She hid under the sheets.

Please don't leave me with him.

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You're a terrible cook.

We never get enough to eat.

Please hold the line.

I did something I regretted doing.

I'd rather tell her in person.

I thought Francois was fantastic.

I heard what was said.

This is the progress that we merit!

Marsh knows that I lied to him.

I convinced Mongo to go with us.

Tuna doesn't think Gilles wants to go.

I hope the fog will go away soon.

Could you lend me a helping hand?


What can I get you?

We're not going to do that again.

This is something you can fix.


Why is this book loved by young people?


The individual does not exist for the good of the State.

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Raymond didn't know why Morris was in prison.


Francisco refused to go.

The army advanced up the hill.

Fortunately I was able to finish my work without any serious errors.