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With over 100 years of technology and healthcare experience on the team coupled with executive facilitation skills honed across the US, Europe, Middle-east, India and Asia,...


If our existing technology modules don’t meet your specific needs, our team would love to work with you to develop something that is proprietary to you.

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In our line of work we are fortunate to interact with and be exposed to ideas and proven advanced technologies from entrepreneurs, fortune 500 companies and everyone in between. These technologies and products span the globe and our team is fortunate to have the front row seat in many cases. This allows to bridge boundaries between nations, across markets and into many care areas and applications. Our relationships with the technology host vary from acting as a bridge to a new market, to having the privilege to market and distribute products in a specific country or region. Irrespective of their origins, the companies and products we represent have a common theme – they are all proven and accepted in the medical community, they have been personally validated by one of our founders, and we have most likely used the product ourselves!

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ONE HEALTH is a pioneering healthcare platform that is the result of a unique partnership between a group of visionaries from the healthcare and technology industry, spearheaded by professionals from around the world and built by thousands of individuals who share the belief that healthcare is truly ready to embrace the digital and mobile age. Inspired and forged from the idea that the future of healthcare is digital, mobile and better served through the free exchange of relevant information that leads to a fine-tuned, responsive and effective treatment and thus better quality healthcare, ONE HEALTH's mission is to: Connect consumers and healthcare providers seamlessly with technology. Leverage technology to make healthcare accessisble and affordable. Be a conduit for all healthcare-related needs through a comprehensive healthcare exchange platform.

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