His accent sounds a little quaint.

On the whole, the elite are not sensitive to criticism.

You said that you loved her.

Get down and stay down.


We love this place.

He knows quite well what it is like to be poor.

Orville woke up covered in sweat and his heart pounding.

Christopher was in a big hurry.

I'm not the only one who is tired of the work. She is, too.

It will be cold and the sky will be overcast.

Can Tatoeba contribute to the saving of endangered languages?

What're you doing with Patrice's computer?

We should do away with this regulation.

Julia felt a pain in his back.

Do we have to tell Kyu?


We share a dream.

Let me help you put on your coat.

I need skin burn ointment.

She is gone.

Carisa looks like you.

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The hunter aimed at the bird, but missed.

At night, parents tuck their children into bed.

I have been struck by lightning three times.

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Is Ned cleaning his room now?

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The type of mastectomy a patient undergoes depends on numerous factors, including whether the patient intends undergoing reconstructive surgery.

Do you know this man?

Don't forget to return my pen!

Ramon and Reid sat way in the back.

His opinion was the same as mine.

Will the experiment succeed?

Hey, what are we going to do tomorrow?

That sounds really difficult.

"I think Spike likes Joon." "Isn't that obvious?"

There's nothing wrong with the plan.

Please give it a try.

They asked me to leave.

From whence comest thou, and whither art thou bound?


I think she made up that story.

I replied that I did not know.

She died of typhoid fever.

Julia cries and calls Emilia.

Do you have Bud Light?


I cannot swear in the presence of my brothers. I respect them.


This racket is rather too heavy for me.


There was another guy with him.

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You cannot put the entire blame on me!

Dan didn't even have shoes on.

I heard a noise coming from the next room.

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Franklin has finished her Japanese assignment.

The predictive power of this theory has been demonstrated time and time again.

Gretchen always tries to help others.


It seems I'm the only one having any fun here.

I'll go tell him the good news.

Birds are chirping.

This sentence has to be proofed.

I have to go to the airport to meet my family.

Mushrooms contain significant amounts of minerals.

That's not a problem.

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As usual the peasants are busy scattering grain seeds.

Another store will be opened in Boston soon.

I'm used to people not agreeing with me.


I'm contagious.

I've known Vladimir for many years.

I was dumbfounded.

The level of fear that the Germans now have towards nuclear power has reached hysterical levels.

What's your favorite language?

All men are equal before God.

You are a professional, but I am an amateur.

Give Steven back his money.

Germany is leaving the fossil-nuclear age behind.

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There are many medieval castles in Europe.

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We haven't had any problems.

Amelia Earhart was an aviatrix.

The idea is good. There is just one problem: Sue has not yet said yes.

The plan is to recruit 5 Java engineers before the end of next month.

She got me by the hand.

I'm just doing my duty.

Jack held a seat for me.


Angus is entitled to better treatment.


Let's see what Erick has to say.

Let's make it three.

My elder sister is good at playing the guitar.


What is your mission?

The father had met the sergeant last year.

There are some people who think it's a bad idea.

Mick hasn't shaved her legs in three years.

Can we see Jim now?

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I've already spoken with Ned.

Excuse me, how much do these cost?

Do you think the jury will find Vicki guilty?

Are you in favor of this motion?

Are you ready for another drink?


Jones might not be done yet.


I'm the witchfinder general.

Kaj knows everything there is to know about Italian cars.

I am about to write a sentence in German.

Do you know Meehan's parents?

Kayvan didn't take part in the marathon.

He resigned his post on account of illness.

You were always there and I never knew.

No matter what anyone says, I won't go.

Is that what's really bothering you?

He is learned in Russian.

We hope you will join us in our quest.

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Utilizing an ephemeris, an astronomer can calculate lunar phases and the times of rising and setting of the sun and of the moon all around the world and for any day of the year.


I have zero knowledge of English.

Everything here tastes of seafood.

It should be forbidden to invade countries whose names one can't pronounce correctly.

Guido needs a dry towel.

Do you know Noah's ark?

It was a week of alternate snow and rain.

As soon as our manager got off our backs, everything started to go off without a hitch.


Leave, please!


Have you been able to contact Lucius?


You love chili, don't you?

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I hope you're not going to oppose me.

I'm pretty sure I'll be there.

Please sit down on this chair.

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The rebellion was suppressed.

She takes pleasure in seeing horror films.

I can only say that I agree with you.

Wake her up.

Keep your classroom clean.

Hirofumi has fallen asleep.

Kaj's arrival seemed to be the cue for everyone to get up and start talking.


What was the message?

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She was on the high wire.

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Nothing looks familiar.

Do we have a problem?

He came to cause trouble.

Maybe it wasn't an accident.

Everyone keeps on smiling.

Hand me the hammer, will you?

We lost our dog.

I heard that they found the footprints of an abominable snowman in the Himalayas.

Sergeant told Bret that she looked beautiful.

Let me go ahead and answer your question.

Eat this right away before it gets cold.


I'll tell you my story.


I feel very guilty.

Dan didn't even wonder why Linda crossed the street.

Can you give Corey another chance?

We'll have troubles for sure.

Ted was certain of winning the game.

I'm a little child.

The general theory of relativity predicted the deflection of starlight by the Sun.

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Does anyone on your team speak French?

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She works as hard as her siblings.


It was very cool.


I don't ever want to see Taurus again.

I've done this a thousand times.

The cause of death was cardiac arrest.

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Her death was a great distress to all the family.


I will not add sentences in Russian.

The film is going over big with audiences.

Clearly, Lojban is easier than Postscript.

Kusum is optimistic at this point.

I have no idea where Tony went.

Marla is finding his new job very demanding, and he often finds it difficult to find time for his family.

Can I have another drink now?