Make sure you tell her.

Naoto stood in the corner of the room with a gin and tonic in his hand.

How long have you been wearing contacts?

Our guests should be here within an hour.

I really do like you.

He asked the officials to lift the ban.

I just can't stop worrying about Sidney.

Everyone has a favorite.

Wow! The pilaf at this restaurant is really good!

Agatha is powerful, isn't he?


Yeast makes beer ferment.

I'm going to visit them.

You should take another pair of glasses when you go abroad.

It was just three weeks ago that Polly came to see me.

A decision of capital importance was made at the nation's capital this morning.


I love buying on eBay.

I won't tell Roxana.

Did Bradford say anything about us?

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I wonder how Tatoeba can attract speakers of minority languages.

I wrote a long letter to her.

We were pretty good.

They became all the better friends because they entered the same college.

You are a doctor.

You can wait here.

The railroad is now in the process of construction.

I'm just glad you weren't hurt.

He showed me his picture.

To tell the truth, I don't know him well.

The misfortune deprived her of her reason.

We talked about food prices.

Cough syrup. If I don't drink a mouthful before going on stage I can't settle down!

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Who lives here?

Kay works in a cubicle.

Leaving something unfinished is the worst thing you can do.

It takes years to master a foreign language.

She moved to first place.

The door was locked from within.

The trend is your friend.

I sell a new car.

He must have told her.

What happened to the ship?

I went by there last night.

The cow goes "moo," the rooster goes "cock-a-doodle-doo," the pig goes "oink, oink," the duck goes "quack, quack" and the cat goes "meow."

This is the last word in comfort.

Shirley didn't make it home last night.

Chuck escaped with the briefcase.

I'll be OK as long as I stay awake, won't I?

It definitely was real.


I told you not to play your cello late at night, but you did and now the neighbors have complained.

The earliest form of ownership is an ownership of the women by the able bodied men of the community.

You may stay with me for the time being.


The weather forecast say it's going to rain tomorrow.


Can you really swim?


It was a friend of mine who called.


She elbowed her way through the crowd.

Tor was upset when he saw Blaine kissing John.

Why didn't you tell me first?

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Guido got Joel some water.

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I want you to sit down.

Maybe you'd better go get Bradley.

He was in the right place at the right time.

What subject are you poor at?

This door leads into the kitchen.

I thought it strange that he didn't turn up.

The English of time-domain reflectometrists is as much English as that of nannies.

These men are used to hard work.

We don't have as much money as we thought.

We were doing just fine before Eva got here.

Put your mind at rest. Everything will turn out all right.


His words moved her to tears.

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What makes you want to look up passionate?


Why would I do such a thing?

In times of crisis one should never idealise the past.

Could you fill up the ice cube trays and put them in the freezer?


Are the firecrackers loud in your area?

She gave me the fish eye.

Make sure Dannie goes to bed before 9:00.

Little birds are singing merrily.

Two women are singing.

Would you be willing to volunteer at the animal shelter two or three days a week?

My office is just across the hall.

Why don't you come to the movies with me?

Gill didn't invite me to his birthday party.

This sentence is not in Polish.

We need a plan first.

Three pieces, including a small one.

Doesn't that bolt seem loose?

Maybe this isn't a problem.

He turned pale with fear.

Which hat do you want to buy?

Instead of laying off these workers, why don't we just cut their hours?

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I know where you slept last night and with whom.

I received a letter from her.

We have to find out where Marsha is.

That language sounds very pretty.

Let's go ask her.

Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.

Elijah's illness resulted from eating too much.

What the hell is this? I can't believe you put sperm in the Omelette Rice.

They sat side by side.

I know who Alexander is.

Advertising local products might require the use of local words.

He teased me about it.

Someone somewhere must care.

It was not long before the rumor died out.

He made a speedy recovery.

Let's do someone a favor.

Call me once in a while.

I think there are probably few Japanese who know this side of the Emperor Meiji, the side that left a song like this.

All forecasts have a certain degree of uncertainty.

Rhonda carefully climbed up the rickety staircase.

Tell them only what they need to know.

I have doubts about his career.

I sent you a photo.


He is a reliable person and has a strong sense of responsibility.

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And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

I arrived within 30 minutes.

I thought you already did that.

He's always chasing girls.

Drew was the one who suggested that.

We were traveling with a friend.

What if the problem is Sal?

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This titanium bicycle made in Italy is incredibly lightweight.


My cat is mad.


Hopefully, that won't happen.

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"Is there a glass?" "Yes, there's one on the table."


The room is spacious and light.

Stick with what you're good at.

Kriton looked through the keyhole.

Chet knows better than to try to trick me.

If I'd known about his illness, I would've visited him in the hospital.

You and I usually share one opinion.

Gene beats his girlfriend.

What's your favorite opera?

We're ready for whatever might come.


This painting is a good copy of the original.

Context is important.

I'm dying of hunger! I haven't eaten anything in three days.

I wonder if Pablo really meant what he said.

He needs to speak English.

I think you had better stick to your present job.

He wouldn't even say hi to me.

That candle isn't white.

That hat is very much in fashion.

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Len was just about to go out when his cellphone rang.

Leung kissed her again.

How do you form the plural of nouns?


Who said I was ashamed?

There is milk in the refrigerator.

You are not allowed to park there. They are going to make you pay a fine.


They ran out of fuel in the middle of the Pacific.

Where did you behead them?

I cannot help thinking that my son is still alive.

Once in a while I go to Sweden to visit my boyfriend.

I really like the songs you write.

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She grew roses.

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I have everything I need to be happy.

I've gained weight recently.

You should follow Vincent's example.


The hair style of the Beatles created a sensation.


You don't think you can win, do you?

This project will take at least a year to finish.

Who makes breakfast for them?

The concert hasn't yet begun.

I spoke slowly so that they might understand me.

I want to consult you about something.

I must do it now.

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I don't think I can help you with that.