People used to laugh at him behind his back.

Arne didn't want to go there by himself.

I can explain everything.

Chet wanted Simon to go away and leave him in peace.

I don't think Caroline even knows where he is.


You're probably the only person in Boston who has never been to this park before.

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You've had enough.

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This is not our planet.

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Debi and Pim speak to each other in English.

His aunt has three cats.

John is sad.


I have no idea where Ernest hid the money.

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Randolph's lights are still on.

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I've been considering your proposal.


I don't feel too warm.

Pull your head out of your ass!

It hurts.


Per came on her own.

Cats sometimes chew on plants.

Should I cut my hair?

May I speak to Mike, please?

Kamel and Tracey were in the same class.

Please, Shadow, you can't break up with me!

They went into the woods.

Time and thinking tame the strongest grief.

Antony skinned his knuckles.

He had a very heavy study program.

He is twice as heavy as his wife.

Dwayne doesn't need money to have a good time.

This book is useful.

Let's make a night of it.

There were a crowd of people in the park.


The Ibaan Market sells vegetables.

It's just as I hoped it would be.

Stewart got up to go, but Sherman stopped him.

This is a mobile phone.

Don't eat till the numbness wears off.

If you wish to be happy, learn to be content with your condition in life.

I'm not going to lose.

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I'm sure Jorge appreciates all your help.

Tell them to stop staring at me.

I ain't worried about what he might say.

Kee wants to wait until Tigger gets here.

I'll scream.

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I'll call you as soon as I get to Boston.


She didn't go to school because she was ill.

I wanted to see what would happen.

The special conditions will be valid until 2025.

Suzan asked for directions to the nearest hospital.

We don't think the job is done.

Today I'm lacking inspiration.

When my grandmother went for tests to find out what was wrong with her, the doctors found that she was riddled with cancer.

Don pointed to the floor.

I think you underestimate him.


The revolution is over.


This is the heaviest snowfall we have ever had.

I never thought I'd see Rees alive again.

The cost of fixing the broken window is coming out of your paycheck.

There's a fine line between genius and insanity.

What did you get from her?

I myself have, before becoming employed by this company, twice spoken bluntly to the people at the top.

I caught an awful cold.

I think I want you to stay.

Do you remember what she was like?

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The rampant sickness spread to many countries.

Are you suggesting I behaved improperly?

Before I met you, I never felt this way.


Did Jitendra ever answer you?

He looked around the waiting room.

I'm going to throw up.

I don't know if you found one.

She put the key in her pocket.

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Why did you give Joshua such a hard time?

I've got to do my homework now.

Panzer has finished unpacking his suitcase.

In terms of the number of employees, this is the largest of all industries.

You must examine that issue.


Wasn't that fantastic?

Do you still love her?

What's your room number?

Valentin can't retire.

Said the dentist: "Now open your mouth and clench your teeth."

I can never get Nina on the phone.

It's raining now.

We prayed for their happiness.

I'll give anything that isn't this.


I don't think Herb liked the movie.

We didn't learn a thing.

He hung a lamp from the ceiling.

I think I have a future here.

I know you're confused.


We went on talking about the matter.

We shouldn't do this to them.

I hardly got any sleep last night.

I need a rest after all that resting!

Bring your student ID!

I'd like to see her first.

Tell them we're busy.

I'll explain everything to you later.

Don't you dare ask her that.

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There's nothing left for me to do.


I just kept going.

That can't be them.

I'm expecting her.

Jelske squeezed Kelly's hand.

He painted an image he had during meditation last night.


She presumed on his weakness.


Christophe won't be able to get anything done today.

She snapped her fingers.

The surgery, performed at our clinic, is over in half an hour.


Terrance said goodnight to Molly.

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I have seldom heard from her.


Do you feel like eating?


Patricia is probably looking for me right now.

No medicine can cure this disease.

I want to drink a coffee.

You have a very good memory.

I'll come home by six o'clock.


Christopher suffers from sleep apnea.

Please push the table over this way.

Hardy young people like mountaineering.

We clean our classroom after school.

What kind of pet do you want?

Though extreme blue,the colour of love faded.

You can tell Martin.

Linder quickly got busy.

Have at thee, coward!

Tovah wasn't able to finish his dinner.

Greek is a difficult language.


His son has what it takes to be a good doctor.

To my mind this marionette is dead and gone; but if, by any evil chance, he were not, then that would be a sure sign that he is still alive!

You have lovely eyes, don't you?

How come you don't play the banjo anymore?

The rough terrain checked the progress of the hikers.


I can't really believe that.

Humility is a forgotten virtue.

Is Jesper in the bathroom?


He tells dirty jokes to children.

I think I love you.

Don't be so modest.

Can you put some suntan lotion on my back?

We've looked everywhere.


I lost my umbrella somewhere in the park so I need to buy a new one.

It's likely to take much longer than you think it will.

I'm convinced that Stanley isn't telling us everything.


The soldier aimed his gun at the man.

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There are no wrong answers.

It is what it is.

Del saw a person with a scary looking face today.

Don't you ever slap Honzo around again.

The woman smells the coffee.


She means it.

I have spots coming out all over my face.

Luis put on his fishing vest and hat and headed for the door.

I told Anatole I couldn't do it.

The brave mouse chased the cat.

It wasn't us.

I'll tell you what Randall told me.


I'm going to tell her.


He had his sister help him paint the wall of his room.