The break is over.

You sure do put a lot of sugar in your coffee.

We are sorry we can't help you.

I have to commute all the way from a distant suburb.

Look up the words you don't know in the glossary.


I didn't know you did that.


Where can I get my suit pressed?

I was invited to leave for abroad, but I didn't want to go.

It's all over for you.


Do you want me to stay here?

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You won't get it so easily.

I haven't seen Griff since I was thirteen.

Stuart wants me to come back to see him tomorrow.


We're here to save lives.

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Somebody's going to die.


I think Spock should wear a tie to the party.

I want to know what happened to the pistol Rakhal gave you.

From now on, I'm going to be here for you.

Frederic could sell anything.

She wants to extend the no-smoking area.

If they find us, we're dead.

Accepting what you say, I'm still against the project.

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Matthias said he didn't know when Olaf would be arriving.

We cannot continue our conversation while those people are present.

Clayton needs to lose some weight.

Vaughn couldn't answer my questions.

Written on the blackboard was my name.

The boy is right.

Making model planes is his only hobby.

I don't evacuate them.

Anything oral is fine by me.

Excuse me, could you pass me the sugar?

Was there anything else you wanted me to do?

Having travelled back to Warsaw, Zamenhof collected a very cheerful impression of England.

He solved the problem on his own.

The enemy launched an attack on us.

Ricardo is having a rest.


I finally passed the aptitude test for higher management studies.

Dennis laughs at Wilson's round face.

We looked away from them.

If he came here, I would receive him with open arms.

Lea probably thought I could help you this afternoon.

Rice is one of those staple commodities.

Drop in at my house any time you want.

He was right the first time.

We haven't been around that long.

The rumors spread soon abroad.

Karen wants you to do it.


Amarth always gets nervous when Boyce is around.

Spyros has a Murphy bed.

I'm not happy with your behavior.


The prodigal son returned home.


This is Edward.

The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg.

We wanted to give Leila one more chance.

It is considered impossible to travel back to the past.

Did I miss anything?

I have to fell this tree.

Pontus will keep us informed.

The east was brightened by the rising sun.

What's Ariel's theory?

Jinny is dating two different guys at the same time.

Ramesh sat down next to someone he didn't know.

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Let's wait here.


Travis told me he planned to visit Leung the next time he went to Boston.

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A typical nurse will do such things as helping with a urinal bottle, and shaving in preparation for surgery!


I went to the beach with Maria.

Blair laughed and Carole giggled.

This medicine will cure you of your skin disease.

Shean knows that Jean-Pierre doesn't like him very much.

The policeman said to the girls, "Is this car yours?"


I don't see any other choice.

The pantry is empty.

I'm here, too.

She felt insecure about her children's future.

An argument broke out on the floor of the convention hall and in no time fists were flying.

We have to get Barton's temperature down.

This book is smaller.


Kyung encouraged Arne.

Can you please show me the photo?

Annard is a single father.

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No, it can't be! She can't be dead!

This wine is very expensive.

I thought that went well.

They jumped through a window into the river.

Are you telling me that you've never been to Boston?


I was charged with an important task.

Tell Hilda that I'm here to see him.

I'll try and contact him now.

In a word, he is a coward.

Some of the tariffs were as high as sixty percent.

Is everything ready for tomorrow?

He's semicute.


Which team do you think will win?

My parents got divorced when I was young.

I'm afraid to be alone at night.

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A telephone recording tells you what time the concert starts.

The translation is quite true to the original.

Do you want me to go without you?


One cannot help liking the best things of one's home.

You're too young to have alcohol.

I doubt he is qualified enough to manage such a team!

I was dazzled by the headlights of an approaching car.

She was absent due to a cold.

Nobody saw him do it.

The hotel has a swimming pool, tennis courts and the like.

It makes no difference.

John fell down and skinned his knee on a rock.

That's a strange name for a company.

She identified the victim.

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We probably should've talked about this before now.

I told them you were busy.

We have an English class today.

Harvey said he never wanted to get married.

I had been reading a book for some time when he called.


It seems as he is not going to get ahead.

You can't help me.

Sugih doesn't have an answer.

The great difficulties stand in the way of its achievement.

He drove his car, whistling merrily.

When will flights to Manila resume?

How long have you looked after this rose garden?

I'll find him for you.

Do not throw or drop the console or accessories, or expose them to strong physical shock.

They viewed her as a nuisance.

If Alf goes, I will, too.

Let me write that down.

Can you break an egg with one hand?

I got Louiqa to buy it for me.

I'll take my father's place.


You assembled nothing.

Don't be such a couch potato!

Japanese students seem not merely to be extremely reserved, but to have at times almost a complete reluctance to speak.

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Hurry up already!


You never turn off the music and the lights before going to bed.

I haven't called Hui yet.

She's talking to herself.

I make it a rule to go to a spa at intervals for a change.

I'm not going to ask you to do that.

It's hard to change people.

Let's just slow down.

The train is due to arrive at noon.

The businessman didn't dare withdraw from the transaction.


Beautiful women die young - or so the saying goes. If so then my wife is going to live a long life.


Allan is a natural leader.

If I have made a mistake, excuse me.

You're psyched.


A man must learn during his whole life.


You had better not have gone there.

I'm at the bank.

He was given a detention for being out after curfew.

Keep your gun handy.

I'm sure Michael will love your present.


The word "ba'e" emphasizes the word that follows it, rather than what precedes it.

We apologized to each other.

I wish I could be as happy as you.

I can't live without music.

The policeman blamed the taxi driver for the accident.

Dan pulled Linda's body out of the house.

What are your credentials ?

I wonder if life exists on other planets.

What a beautiful campus!

It was believed that whales were fish.

My memory failed me. I just couldn't remember his name.


How much bread do you eat every day?