It is ten minutes before eleven.

Ken drove Claire to the hospital.

Let's listen to that song again.

Robin rewrote his report.


My grandson's toys are spread all around the house.


Raghu has had special training in this field.


I spoke with her for one hour.

I have good eyes.

I thought I would die of laughter.

What's there to comment on?

Wake up to yourself and start acting your age.

At what day are you off, usually?

It's a sign.

I heard that Jennifer was gunned down.

I just read your post.

Can I ask you where you got this?

Nikolai injured himself playing rugby.


What exactly have you got in mind?

I don't want her to see me like this.

He gave me his office telephone number and address.

We could talk about her.

Do you want me to get that for you?

The doctor is examining the foot.

I missed the train by a minute.

What do I get in exchange?

Shamim is really gullible.

Do you want to live in Mumbai?

This is going to be a great day!

This is the very camera I've wanted for a long time.

In all times and places many examples of poor relations between wives and mothers-in-law can be seen.

I went down to the sports office to sign up for the last position on the basketball team, but somebody else beat me to it.

To tell the truth, I would rather stay at home than go out.


Maybe it won't make any difference.

Elsa could've changed.

I want you to figure that out.

His remarks came home to me.

Everyone turned to look at them.

I'll swim with them tomorrow.

He sketches the outline of the machine.

I've had my pocket calculator stolen.

Human language is capable of expressing an infinite amount of ideas.

Morris has a loose tooth.

In the negative, right and left, black and white are reversed.

This coat is out of date.

He was the last Arch Seneschal of the Holy Roman Empire.

Let's not stand on ceremony.

She does like Jef.

With your permission, I would like to leave the meeting to go pick up my daughter at school.

Stay far away from that dog.

I'm beginning to see what you mean.

Is it true that Jon killed her husband?

Since my husband became sick he's lost as much as 20 kilograms and his pants are now baggy.

I am sick only now.

I don't want to go home.

Is this likely to happen again?

Lonesome George was the last giant tortoise of his kind.

I'm going out in an hour.


Anne was just about to leave the house when the phone began ringing.

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Sometimes my grandfather talks to himself when left alone.

Dan feeds roaches to his big hairy spider.

The music evokes memories of an earlier time.

Merat and Amanda understand each other.

She is a local government officer.


What's the catch?

Kelvin doesn't know what he's doing.

She likes chemistry.


I was just thinking about you.

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I was going to vote for Hector.

Julie is required to wear a suit and tie to work.

Marion was carried away by the police.


That's all I do here.

I went to see a movie with Juergen after school.

I just got off the phone with my agent.

There is plenty of space in the loft for storage.

How did you fall into the swamp? Someone shoved us.

He began running.

Are there any vacancies at your hotel?

I found it impossible to explain what he is really like.

Are you really that stupid?

I hope you're wrong about this.

This time you were lucky.

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Sanand always eats dinner with his family.

I accommodated him with a night's lodging.

I can't help you with this.

She is excellent in composition.

Darryl solved the problem easily.

Skeeter lives in the country.

What would you do if you were in my place?

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Marla runs three miles a day.


Scott is an alcoholic.

I was right behind them.

You're a good person.

Do you have any sales distributors in Japan?

There's something I need you to do.

Hillel sent Christian a gift.

Liza doesn't mind.

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Clara is now managing the business for his father.


Po always causes trouble.

I didn't go by train.

Although I know a lot about Al, I haven't actually met her.

You shouldn't trust that man.

Right now, a full-time minimum wage worker makes $14,500 a year, which leaves too many families struggling to make ends meet.

I didn't tell her.

History repeats itself.


Elvis never said yes.

I'm pretty tired right now.

I'd like to have some more mashed potatoes.


I was wondering if I could borrow your car.

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We've got three major problems that need to be solved.


I thought you lived with your family.

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I met him on several occasions.


Almost all implementations of virtual memory divide the virtual address space of an application program into pages; a page is a block of contiguous virtual memory addresses.


I have a pretty shrewd idea that this room contains the answer to the whole mystery.

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My plan worked.

I will go to Athens.

I didn't say I was going.

He regretted it afterwards.

They're self sufficient.

Either you or I should visit her.

Francis didn't take anything from me.

I'm getting sleepy. I should've gone to bed earlier last night.

For Americans, you can read the Bible by your own.

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He carried out all his aims.

Shoes are required.

I'm not going to forgive you.

Perhaps you're right.

Is Ken finished eating?


Edith is resilient, isn't he?

My father-in-law is sitting.

I baked these cookies for them.

He went to the student's house.

These days there are ways to fix these problems.

Bulgarian is very similar to Russian.

Don't excuse what you have done.


Alice smiled.


Alastair is very photogenic, isn't he?

It's really coming down out there!

That story can't possibly be true.

They made him sign the contract against his will.

Mariko went to the aesthetic salon.


I thought you could use a break.

I hope I can get my old job back.

Boeree began work on LFN in 1965, with the goal of creating a simple language. He was inspired by reading about Lingua Franca, a pidgin used around the Mediterranean sea in centuries past.

Man is a creature of emotion.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.


Lack of flexibility is an obstacle to progress.


He explained it at length.

Bobby didn't try to deny Saiid's accusation.

Deborah threw a piece of chalk at me.

The news made me happy.

Would you be careful with that?

I'll mention it.

"What time is it?" "It is ten-thirty."

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Karl just barely passed the test.

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It's all fun and games until somebody loses an eye!


Richard doesn't know any of us.

Can we assist you in any way?

She's addicted to drugs.

Did you see my dog?

She committed herself to helping others.


How can you be so naive?

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The child believes that the earth is flat.

I know just what you need.

Earl isn't the only one here that can swim.