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The ship was unloaded at the port.


Can you speak my language?

You need not worry about the tsunami due to this earthquake.

Boy am I glad to see you.

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Despite what's happened, I still like Heinz.


Suit the action to the word, the word to the action.

That is not a fish.

The frog croaks.

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What's come over you?


He filled the glasses with wine.


If that is not true, she is a liar.

They are fond of fruit.

Aristotle believed that everything on Earth was made from four elements: earth, air, fire and water.

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By and by, the bitter north wind began to blow.


That's what I want most of all.


I'll meet you at 2:30 tomorrow.

I've never eaten such a good meal.

It was 30% off during the sale.

Horses are ungulates.

The wounded soldier writhed in pain.

Get it away from me.

He has to travel to England this summer.


William sat silently for 30 minutes.

I'm not going to be at this afternoon's meeting.

The food in my country is not very different from that of Spain.

Larry really leads no easy life.

You can tell us yourself.


Linda looks proud of his son.


I built a new house.


I have to finish this first.


The Elbe Philharmonic Hall is a symbol of HafenCity, a new quarter of the German city Hamburg.

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I think you're missing something.

I'm half Japanese.

Don't you miss that?

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We always arrive late.

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I beg to differ.

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I wasn't responsible.


Jack wanted Pravin to kill Glenn with her own hands, but Daniel objected saying she was not ready yet.


Do you know who he is?

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Can you swim as fast as he can?

That's pretty strange.

Terrence and Rafael are both quiet.

Franklin had a hunch that Hotta would bring her new boyfriend to the party.

I don't understand why people idolize criminals.

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Dewey told Lorenzo that he wasn't joking.

Aimee has obviously been dead for a while.

I'm really not busy.

Van Buren rejected the offer.

I need to go to the toilet.


You picked a bad time to bring up that topic.


The theme park was closed down last month.

You have to do that just right.

Maybe I'll shave my head.

His wife is one of my friends.

I don't want to force you to go.

The manager reprimanded the man by pounding on the table.

Two hours is too short for us to discuss the matter.

He's disappeared without a trace.

I just had a talk with him.

I've been thinking about them.

We've already been through this.

The exports increased by 30 billion dollars.

Everything was easy.


Kenneth is under extreme pressure.

Rub potatoes with vegetable oil and place on the prepared baking sheet.

Do you smoke cigars?

We're neighbours.

Ashamedly, I went along with it.

Coffee will be served after the meal.

I thought you were going to do this.

He is not alone in this opinion.

Is Shyam a common name in your country?

The accident was caused chiefly by the unpredictable weather.

They can manage.


Ranjit is opposed to the plan.

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He made me cry.

No blame attaches to his conduct.

He works all the harder because his baby was born.


My cat became frantic as soon as the car began to move.

There are too many of them.

Dinner will be at 6:30.

I can vouch for them.

It's a serious matter.

I'd love to give him a blast.

Let's try to arrange something.

The mayor of New York made an effort to streamline municipal government.

Play it cool.

You give me blood, I will give you freedom.

The news of his sudden death was like thunder on a sunny day.

Teruyuki doesn't trust me anymore.

Vic wrote down all the details.


Who will want a motorcycle with screeching brakes?

Kees knows he has no choice.

Do you think mankind will someday colonize the Moon?

Did Mikey find what he was looking for?

I'll call Rob.

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I think you should still ask Art.

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Though it was cold, he didn't light the fire.

Juha said that somebody here needed help.

I saw the person I expected to be standing there.

Michelle dabbles in the stock market.

Douglas is the only person who can help me now.

How late can I check in?

Investigate thoroughly the bushes where the enemy may be hiding.

We'll certainly try.

He is sure of passing the examination.


Kylo seemed polite enough to me.

Will you answer all my questions truthfully?

I cannot find a solution. Help me.

Lorien is in the other room drinking vodka.

I promise, it's worth the effort.

He drinks to excess.

I'm sorry, I do not understand. Can you repeat it a little slower?

Would you like a little?

Shaw knew precisely how Mason felt.


Let's just all go talk to Svante, OK?

We must focus on building a solid grass-roots movement.

Do you have a moment to discuss these figures with me?


Not all police investigations necessarily lead to the arrest of a suspect.

We went to a Thai restaurant.

He did it only for my sake.

Toothache is one of the worst pains I've been through.

You have to stay hydrated.

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I was only kidding about that.


Why don't you love me?

Moe is living with his family.

My boyfriend is crying.

I hope you didn't misunderstand me.

He doesn't want to study today.


Love is the cheapest of all religions.


What was his reaction?

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In civilized Europe, bulls are still tortured and killed for fun.


How are you?

I used to watch TV three or four hours a day.

I don't ever plan to retire.

Uri jumped over the shallow ditch.

Don't expect everyone to share that opinion.

That's very helpful.

My name is William, but you can call me Bill.


Matthieu is a Red Sox fan.

We can't be certain of that.

Tammy schemed to destroy the project.

You're deluding yourself.

I don't think Karen will do that.

Josip really sounds angry.

He thanked me with his eyes.

Takayuki is still just as poor as he used to be.

I'm fit.

Vern and Geoffrey want to know what's going on.

I promised Janice I wouldn't tell anyone.


I'm glad I could help.


All cats are grey in the dark.

Where the hell were you?

I thought Suyog would be hard at work.

We rent the flat.

Whatever it is, you become fonder of it if you work on it yourself.