I don't know what I'm going to do about this.

Is that a confession?

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"Asami was bawling that you had kissed Sanada so" "I didn't bawl!"

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I have wine.

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You don't know where Siping's home is, do you?


He said that he takes a walk every day.


Do you have a problem with her?

I don't think I need your help right now.

This question must be discussed separately from that one.


I'd rather eat somewhere else.

He shooed the flies away.

It is doubtful whether she will come on time.

I haven't bought a new coat in five years.

Sho heard the guard approaching.

They live in a council house.

I can't hear you clearly.


My favorite hero is Hercules.

I gathered from what she said that she liked him.

If you do not have this book, you can buy it.

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Now that you mention it, I wasn't involved in the decision-making for the vital part.


Don't throw away your chance.

I no longer have any reason to do this.

"Oh man! If I was as cool as Bradley was, I'd have three girlfriends" - "I have another opinion about that. In any case, Sorrel has no girlfriend."

Are you artistic?

I think they were wrong.


Music is the greatest of the arts.

She went ballistic when I said that.

Ramanan expected it.

A fact is, essentially, irrefutable.

What did you eat for breakfast?

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Spike is one of Lucius's brothers.

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Giovanni is consumed with jealousy.

There is nothing left to buy at that store.

I guess I'll see you around, Tracey.

You do look good.

His father worked on the railway.

He never speaks of the accident.

Do you still trust Julius?


The leader governed his country for more than 50 years.


Personally, I like not being at war.

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How to say this sentence in your language?

They abandoned the sinking ship.

I cannot carry this suitcase by myself.

I've got stuff I want to do.

The people at large were against the war.

Will you allow me to play the piano?

I have had my driver's license since I was 18 years old.


Let's go to the factory.


So tell me, how did you guys meet?

It's a hot button topic.

During the final days the weather was infernally hot.

Christie dusted off the old lamp.

Stop calling him that!

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That isn't him.

Have you been told when you are expected to be here?

We weren't making fun of you.

We are all happy to help.

Yes, it can be done, but it shouldn't be.

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It is a long time since I saw you last.

I was going to vote for him.

Writing is a deeper sleep than death.

She bought him a camera that was too big to fit in his shirt pocket.

They think he's not the right man for the job.


It appeared that she was trying to keep back tears.


The students turned in their term papers.

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No one's looking at you.

Nicolo didn't want to rely on anyone else.

You have been warned.

Knudsen has lived here all his life.

The photo takes me back to my childhood days.

Margot has had enough of all this.

She's terrified of talking to strangers.

Patrice is getting better at that.

Betsy is very proud of himself.


His country is censored the world over, so that outsiders would not see the industrial pollution and the huge sterile apartment blocks therein.

Agatha has helped a lot.

I like that dog.

Hirofumi is drinking some coffee.

You should always try your hardest.

That's too personal.

You're nuts.

My brother borrows a new book from the library every day.

He works beyond office hours twice a week.

He is an accountant at the company.

Michael and Eliot are always fighting.

I'm going to go right away.

The section chief accepted the offer.


Shane fell down two flights of stairs and is now in the hospital.


She has the beauty of a Greek statue.

Maybe you shouldn't give Gordon a key to your apartment.

He shaved his moustache.

We received a cordial welcome from them.

I listened to music yesterday.


I'm expecting.

Everyone except Jason and Daryl left.

Don't work yourself too hard.


Don't put anything on the box.


There are many guesses about how language began, but the fact is that no one really knows.


I will be home by five.


A strange thing happened to me yesterday.

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"How's your research coming along?" "Not so bad."

He will catch us.

Alain left a detailed message on Jorge's cell phone.

This is the first time I've ever received a parcel from abroad.

I hid it somewhere.

She's hard to please.

Bryce was my friend.

Work in pairs is the easier way to solve these problems.

I'm sure Sergiu will be here.


Lenora has a cold.

Brooke! Can I get some privacy?

We don't believe that.

The beautiful girl is in bed.

Loukas has danced since she was five.

I'm still proud to have served with Linder.

Where did you park the truck?


The light was on in the room.

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She hasn't talked to me since.

There is a great demand for petrol.

She didn't go to school because she was ill.

You must be more patient.

Debi slept like a child.

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There are historical reasons why males who are native speakers of English are embarrassed to speak their mother tongue correctly.


I'm brave.


He finally achieved what he set out to do.


The manager approved our plan.

That was pretty easy.

Tanaka is a little late.

I doubt I can go with you tomorrow.

They just want to sell papers.

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The kidnappers blindfolded him.

Frances tried to hide his feelings.

The cat scratched my hand.

Jinny's not quite sure of that one.

Kate has a dog.


That's not going to happen here.


We've talked to them.

Lukas loaded the van.

I used to go to church on Sunday.

I play an important part.

As is often said, it is difficult to adjust yourself to a new environment.

I totally disagree with you.

She saw him too.

What has become of the book I put here yesterday?

I see them frequently.


I want you to tell the truth now! Tell it!

How often do you see Tanaka?

I wouldn't blame you if you hated me.


I knew Theodore was shy.


There are two cats sleeping on the bed.

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Marian told the cab driver to take him to the Hilton Hotel.


I'm not allowed to have visitors this week.

Nadeem often does volunteer work.

We're going to wait here for Melinda.