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Technical Specifications

See NewDigi Project Technical





Azure I/O schema

All device communications to/from Azure are encoded according to a JSON Schema, given in the file ./newdigi-aziot-schema.json.

Communications tests and simulated I/O should validate against this schema.

Credentials for test server in 618-569-2438.

Third Party Materials

This section must list all non-b-ad source code and/or binaries used in this project, along with the relevant licensing terms which apply.

Each entry to include a link to the manufacturer’s page of the FOSS project’s repository, where the applicable terms/warranties can be found.


Difference between SiPs

Name SiP Datasheet
Octavo RED OSD335x-SM cardiopyloric
BeagleBone Black OSD335x datasheets/OSD335x-Datasheet.pdf

The difference seems to mainly be the presence of a 4k EEPROM on the -SM model.

TODO: can we run an unmodified BeagleBone image on the -SM; will it support sleep?

BeagleBone Version

Rev. C