Bhutan Travel – Cultural & Luxury, Hiking & Biking Journeys

Be captured by the magical mystery of this hidden kingdom. Embark on an unforgettable journey and discover this Himalayan destination with its centuries of self-imposed isolation and deeply rooted believe in Buddhism.

You are invited to the untouched, magical Kingdom of Bhutan, known for its breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains, spectacular festivals, fortified Bhutanese monasteries, remote trekking routes, lush valleys, famous art and textiles and rural villages. A country

  • renowned for its pursuit of “gross national happiness”
  • where one of the country’s symbol is the phallus, painted on homes, worn on necklaces and used in fields as a kind of scarecrow (just to name a few)
  • where Bhutan’s first law school ‘Jigme Singye Wangchuck’ only opened in July 2017
  • where 50% of the country is protected as a national park and over 60% of their country is untouched wilderness and
  • where around 2/3 of all Bhutanese people get at least eight hours of sleep per night!

We design your journey focused on your ‘needs and whims’… having been doing this for more than 20 years. Guides are ‘handpicked’ and accommodation ranges from charming local small boutiques to luxury 4 to 6 star beds and for the adventurous soul there are authentic homestays in Paro, Haa and Trongsa.

Word to Mouth

After reading a couple of articles at ITN magazine about traveling with Myanmar Travel Yangon (, my husband David, and I contacted owner Myriam Grest to investigate taking a private tour through Southeast Asia, including a visit to Bhutan, Vietnam and Myanmar. Myriam worked with us to provide one of the best trips we have taken. Her residing in Myanmar provided an in-depth perspective we could not have obtained otherwise. Our November 2013 tour, which cost $ 10,644 for two for 25 days, included daily drivers and guides; admission to all sites; eight flights within Asia; tourist class hotels with breakfast, and some meals in Myanmar. (Some meals in Vietnam and all meals in Bhutan, the other countries we visited on this tour, were also included). More…
In the May 2017 issue of International Travel News, a satisfied customer writes: Myriam is Swiss, but she has lived in Southeast Asia for more than 20 years, so she is familiar with both Western tastes and local cultures. We felt this was key in putting together this most impressive trip in Myanmar. She and her agency also arrange tours of other Southeast Asian countries, as well as tours to Iran and Mongolia. If we decide to go to any of these countries, she and her team will be the only people we contact. Byron Flateland’s travel story More…
November 2017 repeated feedback: Back in 2009, Rita, my wife and I had contacted several travel groups concerning a purchase for a private tour, venturing into the countries of Bhutan, Laos and Myanmar, originating in and out of Bangkok. We promptly had a response from Myriam Grest who came from western Swiss values, with a tremendous thread from Southeast Asia, raising her Swiss-Burmese daughter, residing in Yangon, Bangkok and Hanoi. Not to forget, we were her very first clients she had for the country of Bhutan. Simply amazing being that the services rendered were superb, efficient, and overall rewarding. She also put together our 8-day journey to South Africa, an unforgettable trip. We would be happy to answer any questions; contact Larry and Rita Kritcher ((775) 268-8370) Author of ‘Blind Dog on the Travel Trail’. More…

Get inspired by our 2018 Bhutan adventure specials

… Festival, Hikes & Monasteries
Mar 27 – Apr 2, 2018

Paro Tshechu, most famous festival where Bhutanese & travelers from around the globe join this spectacular festivity. Attend the final day of the festival and continue your 12 day road travel.

… Meet the Locals
Feb 15 – Feb 25, 2018

Celebrate Losar New Year in Paro, witness Punakha Drubchen Festival, the most important of all other Losar festivals in Bhutan, domestic flight with spectacular Himalaya views.

… 9 Days from US$ 1995
February 2018

A tailor made journey, a very special travel offer: Meet the avatars of long-gone ancestors: the black-necked cranes during their winter homestay in Bhutan.

… a Festival off the beaten path in Central Bhutan
April 24 – May 7, 2018

Expect the best! A unique time travel into Bhutan’s Central Highlands with hiking, sightseeing & sacred masked dances at the very special Ura Yokchoe festival.

… Bhutan: A different View
All year round

Unravel Bhutan’s myths & mysteries: From shaky bridges, bizarre animals, former prison in beautiful settings to homestay and Tiger’s Nest finale

All year round Himalayan Bliss

Join the world of luxury beds at Como Uma Paro, in the landlocked Kingdom of Bhutan and follow us on the trails of ‘the last Shangri-La’.