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Bound and made up of mountain, Ladakh is an ultimate travel destination for adventure seekers. Be it trekking in Himalayas, rafting in Indus or road trip and mountain biking, trip to Ladakh gets you high on never ending adrenaline rush.  

Magnificent Andaman- Part 2

The next day, we took a ferry back to Port Blair and spent the rest of the day resting in the hotel, since we had an eventful day planned after that. We visited Ross Island and North Bay Island, two famous islands for tourists, the next morning. Some amazing food, cheap shopping, beautiful sights, a …

Magnificent Andaman!

Our trip to Andaman started by landing in Port Blair, if I were to say honestly, I’d say I was very disappointed. All the beautiful things I’d heard about the islands just started seeming like over-hyped comments. It was just a plain city which was cleaner and pollution-less. We visited a local beach and the …


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