My joke went over very well.

This is the first time I've kissed my father.

Knut told Vidhyanath that she could do whatever she wanted to do.

Is that yours?

Miek will join a beginners course in Udmurt.

Please remove your shoes before entering the house.

Kaj caused this mess.

The number of cases of whooping cough is on the rise in the last years.

We want to make learning effective, interesting, and fascinating.

Naresh doesn't know for certain when Lynne will come.


How do you know about that?

After falling off his bike, Eliot writhed around on the ground in pain.

We need to have a little talk.


Sea ice reflects more sunlight than does the darker ocean.

Are they here?

Which way will we go?


Dan didn't know where his car key was.


It being Sunday, I got up late in the morning.


Granted that you are right, we still have to persuade him first.

Dad's in an impatient mood today.

You may leave the baby with me for two days.

She fell down senseless on the floor.

Jupiter is very large.

I ran outside.

It's forbidden.


He has big feet.

Nick told me to give this to Danielle.

I'll tell you about the incident that occured in our village.

This program is going to focus on computer hacking issues today.

Better not to yearn for impossible dreams.

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Is this one the bus for Oxford?

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He has one son and two daughters.


I am not French.

How are we going to pay the rent?

I know what my choices are.

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I feel inclined to agree with her.

Which factory was it?

Sidney was praising you, you know.


I think it's time we got out of here.

Give your thoughts some space!

You're overthinking this.


Precautions may be advisable.

The building crumbled to pieces three years ago.

Ariel has spotted us.


When you yawn, cover your mouth with your hand.

Why did you buy that expensive dictionary?

My mobile has been stolen.

I had my wallet stolen on the bus.

We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.

Could you teach me some French phrases that I might need?

Oh, the rice stalk is sticking up in the tea. Something good might happen.

We are in the forest.

The theater used to open up at dawn.


Don't speak ill of him in his absence.


By investing wisely, she accumulated a fortune.

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I just never seemed to fit in there.

He was hard up for money and lifted goods in a supermarket yesterday.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't please him.

As he couldn't take it any more, he took to his heels.

I admire Sri's dedication.


Sumitro was mindful of my warning.


Too much alcohol paralyzes our perceptive powers.

Let it be on your head!

Why do you learn English?

Syd gave me everything I wanted.

Varda predicted Jamie would win.


We'll get through this just fine.

Stephen gave up trying to persuade Ernest to babysit his kids.

Do you have a Twitter account?

Daniel drove Lyndon's car to Boston.

What killed her?

I think we don't need to stay here any longer.

How do you like Texas so far?


Laurie has got a good reason.

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He has been to Hawaii several times.

Why don't you just tell me where you put it?

Please don't interrupt me, Ray.

He has swords and purse.

Let your food cool off a bit; don't eat it while it's hot.


He died five years earlier.


Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.


She sat there silently with tears in her eyes.

Late in life the miser learned to be generous with money.

Hmph, Yayoi's navigation was difficult to follow so we ended up going round and round the same places.

Piotr jumped on his horse and rode off.

I've got to warn her.


Some things are never forgotten.

I'm sorry I misspelled it.

I went running by them.

She can't have said such a thing.

My toes are numb.

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In case of fire, break the glass and push the red button.

What are we going to do next?

The turkey was moist and juicy.

J.F. Kennedy was buried in Arlington Cemetery.

The rain lasted three days.

Mt. Fuji is not as high as Mt. Everest.

We can't call their bluff.


They all congratulated him.

There are lots of presents underneath the Christmas tree.

Menopause can mean different things for different people.

Nathaniel had seen Wayne with John on more than one occasion before and finally figured out that they were seeing each other.

You can't view Flash content on an iPad. However, you can easily email yourself the URLs of these web pages and view that content on your regular computer when you get home.


What are your predictions?

I'm going to go buy some materials today.

You can see the whole city from here.


Masanobu won't tell me exactly why he was late.

My car looks shabby in comparison with his new one.

His remarks allow of no other interpretation.

Everybody looked up to him.

He will present a book to his teacher.

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I have to go talk to her.


He has an inferiority complex.

I know when Mechael is lying.

Kikki can explain.

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He whittled the stick to a sharp point with his hunting knife.

This computer is powerful, efficient, and easy to use.

I got inked.

We sang while hiking.

It is right up his alley.

They put him in jail.

We must respect Krzysztof's decision.


"Thanks for your help." "No problem."

A person worse than the torturer exists: it's his assistant.

We're a little worried about Glenn.

Carter started the fire.

You probably didn't notice, but you put your shirt on inside out.

I know our team won't win.

He was crossing the street.

We can't just leave him here.

He behaves very naturally.

There's only one way to live.

I think I've just made the biggest mistake of my life.

Clever programming requires a computer.

She has a natural talent for music.

For how long did the Maya culture flourish?

Who's been talking to Ginny?

What floor is your office on?

Every high school student has ditched class at one time or other.

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Kurt is allergic to dairy products.

I've had a great time.

Sridharan and Gordon danced together.

The train slowed and blared its horn as it approached the railway crossing.

Nelken was in Boston when his house burned down.

I am using Twitter.

The girl wrote something on the page of the book.

I thought you were dating her.

Unfortunately, my trip to Indonesia fell through because I couldn't save enough money.

I read in the paper that he was murdered.

One of the main characters of the webcomic El Goonish Shive, and arguably the most adorable of them, is a weresquirrel (among other things).


I feel a little weak today.

You're no match for Yvonne.

Do you know why I'm sulking? Because you're never here!

I've left them three messages.

Kylo lent Butler his bicycle last week.

Can't you stop her?

Mount Fuji is Japan's most famous mountain.

She put on her hat to go out.

Molly packed his things and left.


The American Civil War is the main theme of the book.

Mason is watching the baseball game with his friends.

That sounds like a fun job.


It has been unofficially decided that I will be employed by the company.