(920) 474-5076 webbox 2.9.6 login:


winboxWinbox is the graphical configuration application for RouterOS. (941) 747-3246, run it and connect to your router - all RouterOS functionality can be controlled with this application.


webboxThis is a web based configuration interface for RouterOS. Log in above to connect to this router - some of the most important RouterOS features can be controlled within this interface.


telnet(434) 939-0716 and you will have access to the command line interface of RouterOS, every function of RouterOS can be controlled with it.


(831) 539-1114These graphs show you statistial information about your router's interfaces and the traffic that goes through them. Before you use Graphs, 3142883217


docsWe have written many tutorials, examples and manuals for RouterOS, all of which are available here on our homepage. If you get into trouble, you can always ask for technical support.


licenseMikrotik, RouterOS and the Mikrotik logo are registered trademarks of Mikrotik Ltd. Please read the license

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