It looks so real.

I assure you I'm in perfect health.

Robin said he was tired.


I want to be able to speak English.


Children should drink milk every day.

I compared my car with his.

How did she find that out?


No, I'm waiting for my boyfriend.

That has always been so.

Matthieu didn't look too surprised.

It is getting dark outdoors.

I like to advise people.


My physician advised me to refrain from alcohol for the time being.


I'm just doing what I have to.

Cory was probably the shortest person in the room.

Only a little. Tell us the nature of your problem.


You said it was important.

Bonnie couldn't get his shoes off.

Danielle set down his cup.


I'm happy doing what I do.

Jordan Jobin was a very well-known composer.

They're hungry.


I'm quite embarrassed now.

Triangles don't have four angles.

Most languages have euphemistic expressions to describe death and dying.


To know is one thing, and to do is another.

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The slave was anxious to alter his destiny.

Let's be thankful for everything we have.

I can't remember anything.

I didn't plan to hit her.

The girl has a mouse.

Fred has done everything.

Europe has more culture!


Martyn is a better chess player than I expected him to be.


I'd like to talk to him again.

Do as your heart dictates.

The next morning I woke to see the fruit trees in bloom underneath my window.

The sponge takes in a lot of water.

I've been pretty fortunate.

Where're the shoes?

I'm not letting you escape from here.

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The name of the game is "Find ten differences".

Our stock of oil is running out.

Like a bolt of lightning, a haiku struck me this morning, then vanished.

Noemi is significantly younger than Patty.

Amy walks to the station every morning.

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Don't leave the door open.

He was aware that I was around, but didn't come to greet me.

In the end, she still had something to say.

Timo took a pistol out of his shoulder holster, checked it and put it back.

Are you unlucky?

We're your neighbors.

I'm expecting a letter from her.

His skill qualifies him for the job.

Small hills look flat from an airplane.

She waved goodbye to me.

Shatter handed Leon a brown bag.

I've explained that to Marcia.

The reason is very simple.


Rees has twisted his ankle.


Don't tell me it was really a demand for money from debt collectors?

The seventy-year-old man kept his twenty-year-old wife at home all the time; he had a dog-in-the-manger attitude.

Niels did his best to stay calm.

I have to hurry to the station to take the last train.

I watched TV yesterday.


How come you know him so well?


You and Klaus are exactly the same.

The used car salesman seemed a bit dodgy to me.

The amount of time spent asleep can vary from person to person.


Everyone but Jef looked happy.

It's not a pleasant thing.

You're a freshman, aren't you?

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Ethan is stubborn, isn't he?

We pray for the souls of our brothers and sisters.

He needs to forget about that woman and his children.

I'm going to stop trying to be friendly with you.

You despise Nick, don't you?

I've saved you a seat next to me.

I don't care how much you want it. I'm not going to give it to you.

Would two o'clock be all right?

We'd better warn the others.

English is just one of over 2,700 languages in the world today.

I read detective stories exclusively.

Kings have long arms.

Felix is a typical Canadian.

My health is none the better for my exercise.

Do to others as you would be done by.

Asked what he gained from philosophy, he answered, "To do without being commanded what others do from fear of the laws."

I think you should go to Boston.

After Don had filled in his genealogical pedigree chart with the information he already knew, the remaining gaps revealed where he'd need to do some research to complete all his ancestral lines.

It must've slipped my mind.


Coprophagia is common in dogs.


We hoped you'd forget.

Oskar seems uncomfortable and annoyed.

I'm on a par with him in mental faculties.

You must be Novo's parents.

The house is anything but comfortable to live in.

During the entire trip my thoughts were of you.

One day I will meet him.


Tal is a good chess player, isn't he?


Ozan told me my life's in danger.

There were no clouds today.

Glad to meet you!

Don't disturb me.

Pantelis is extremely thankful to Jinchao for her help.


Poor health kept him away from travel.

What do you call this flower?

It was a warm night.


That was legit.

It may be too late.

Can you remember anything?

Who built the snowman?

The magazines were dog-eared.

Japan is becoming the most advanced country technologically.

She screams if you even touch her funny bone.

I felt awful.

I feel awful about what I said.

I believe this is a case in point.

Margot is pessimistic, isn't he?

All the apples are there.

It's a long road with no curves.

Socorrito has barely touched his food.

Can you describe the situation you were in?


They're talking about sports.


Elizabeth said he wanted to help.


It's very important to her.

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It's not biodegradable.


Her behaviour isn't normal for a young girl.


I didn't feel like calling him.

The rocket travels at a tremendous speed.

I always have a couple of beach towels in my car.

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I should've listened to what Stan said.

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Hunter did this to me.

Daniele doesn't know what Jackye is like.

If I knew that, I'd tell you.

We all want what's best for this country.

Here's a list of words I have difficulty remembering.


They were alone in the library.

It's an absolute waste of time to wait any longer.

I met him at a dinner party.

The weather will be good tonight for sure.

Who put you up to this?


I don't know which of you is crazier.

What've you written?

Try to get along with Spudboy.


He amassed a large fortune before he died.

They accorded him many honors.

He mistook me for my twin brother.


We risk losing control of the situation if we don't act quickly.

I was born in a world you may not understand.

The woman let out such a loud shriek that the house shook.

I was nearly caught up in a crime.

The company closes its books at the end of March.

Right now, it is a half past ten.

We strive to improve our products, services, content, and advertising.

Don't fall for his sugar-coated words.

This tree was planted by my grandfather.

A unanimous agreement is needed.

I don't switch on the light in my studio at night.


Was Stanley involved?