Every seat was full.

Steel production reached an estimated 100 million tons last year.

You asked for it.

I'm not mean.

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The nurse checked Piercarlo's pulse.

We're not ready for this.

I will eat delicious ducks.

I've advertised my house in the newspaper.

I had a talk with Nichael.

When I feel fine, I go for a walk.

The child stood near the other children.

He traveled in a special train.

Rex has a guitar.

Did you know Sergio plays the trombone?

She caught the ball.

It's nice to meet you too.

I like your plan.

His irresponsible attitude surprises me.

He fired but missed.

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Shadow is all words and no action.

An anonymous benefactor bequeathed several hundred thousand dollars to an animal shelter.

Is she here yet?


You've probably done this many times before.

You must miss Hamilton a lot.

The boy got sick from anxiety.

Raman asked me to speak more slowly.

She asked us to leave her alone.

Please don't be angry.

Jos was tired and discouraged.

The women bowed to each other so many times.

I would've said yes.

I am positive that he has finished.

I feel like going to bed early tonight.

Why doesn't anybody help her?

Aren't you glad?

You can't just work all day every day. You need to take a vacation once in a while.

Oh! I have no illusions!

They're not always there.

Does Les need help?


Dave is eating French fries out of a bag.

I don't think you have much choice.

That's why I don't travel so much.

Will people taking pharmacy with the intent of becoming chemists please take the six year course.

That's the problem we have to solve.


I hope Vistlik remembers that we're going over to Benjamin's for dinner this evening.

Everybody likes Mark.

The meeting was held last month.

Andre has good instincts.

Start at the beginning.

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I don't want to hear any slurping.

I can't go back there alone.

Her parents were devastated.


List was walking down the street, whistling a tune.


He's self-conscious because of his unibrow.

She wore a red scarf around her neck.

A dog's sense of smell is much keener than a human's.

I had to abstain from smoking while I was in the hospital.

I wish Terri were more like you.

You guys are fast.

We had a really big fight.

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He ate every bit of his dinner.

I'm sorry I don't agree with you on that matter.

That's why I came back so soon.

It's unlikely Fay will help us.

I'd appreciate your help.

The train was on the point of leaving when I got to the station.

I am happy to hear the news.

Hot weather will continue, so please watch out for food poisoning.

I didn't hit him.

How many likes did you get?

It can cause liver damage.

In Japan, the new school year begins in April.

Stuart took the orange juice out of the refrigerator.


I want my hammer back.

I have someplace to go.

The tip of the key broke.

Jack is a powerful acquisition for our team.

He is ill.


He proposed a reform in the educational system.

It has resulted in nothing.

You are by far the best swimmer of us all.

Let's see if Eli is at home.

They need real help.


I want death to find me planting my cabbages, but caring little for it, and even less for my imperfect garden.

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I'd like to breast-feed my baby.

My daughter wants to teach in high school.

We've been down this road before.

I guess I'm just a little sleepy.

That sounds credible, doesn't it?

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Everyone's idea is different.

Dan allowed the police to search his home.

I've seen just now that the ambassador of Saudi Arabia has resigned.

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He may well be proud of his car.


He didn't do that out of meanness, but rather out of absent-mindedness.

Stephan is good at tennis, no question about it.

Tell me how you feel about Farouk.

He ate rice twice a day for many years.

I think Lloyd looks better with a beard.


She never used a screwdriver.

Novorolsky was under suspicion for murder.

We need more space.

How did I manage to do that?

I've been waiting in my quarters for you.

I joke with Stanislaw all the time.

We're here to see them.

All big cities have transportation problems.

I can't make her happy.

Jack enjoys reading novels.

She seems sad.

But for your help, I could not have done it.

You're photogenic.

Judith is teaching us French.

We took turns driving the car.

Ramiro is hanging out in the park with some of his friends.

Who am I to criticize him?


He isn't supposed to come here.

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I will never throw away my Playstation.

Our apprehensions were justified.

I'm over with the mission.


Why don't I just go ask her?

I'll let Donna go.

Masanao is pretty old, isn't he?


You'd better eat something.

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Cory won't be able to come here tomorrow.

You will follow Heather, won't you?

Man returns to his phylogenetic roots in panic situations.

There is bad weather. There it's cold and raining.

We know each other so well that we can almost read each other's minds.


I don't give a shit.


We do what we want.

You won't go, will you?

Even though I studied English for 6 years in school, I'm not good at speaking it.

The letter was addressed to me.

Push this button and the door will open.

She went to the museum by taxi.

We just want to be together.

For one thing, I am busy; for another, I have no money.

I wonder what they're planning.


Edward wanted all the same things I wanted.

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I give you my supreme word of honor.


Why didn't you tell them this?

I don't know why but ever since we met I never felt that he was a foreigner.

I don't care if Louie approves or not.

I have some news.

It's so sad.

A guard's been killed.

Ian hanged himself in his jail cell.


Who's that lame boy?

I heard that Shaw's boss refused to give him a raise.

The nurse checked Vaughn's blood pressure.

He studies history at college.

I'll go get cleaned up.

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You did exactly what Tao wanted you to do.

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Is there a hospital nearby?

I never forget anything.

You have to put more coal in the stove.

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We had some.


Hui and Suyog don't have much time to talk together. Their children are always demanding their attention.


She was susceptible to colds.

Whether we play tennis tomorrow depends on the weather.

I don't know the origin of the rumor.

It never occurred to me that Marcos wouldn't come.

You need to get some exercise.

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Kylo never said anything to anybody.

I don't feel so smart.

I disciplined my children when they deserved it.