That's pretty wild.

My German dictionary is a treasure trove of strange and enchanting words.

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We must know about it.


I'm sorry if I startled you.

I want you to stop following me.

As soon as you're finished looking at the "kairanban," please give it to the next person.

Same sex marriage is now legal in 20 countries worldwide, including Ireland as of yesterday.

The cancer has spread to her stomach.

I sold it on craigslist.

Check out the woman over there!

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The ax is used for cutting firewood and trees.

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Pitawas's performance wasn't as good as I expected.

What would you call that?

Lucky, aren't you?

I have some friends in Boston.

I'm solving a puzzle.


Ricardo doesn't hate you.


I will do the best I can.

I lent him some money, but he hasn't paid it back yet.

Boyce came by.


It was a real pleasure to work with Jason.

I shouldn't go - I want to go.

Cement hardens in 2-3 hours.

I'm pretty happy with how things turned out.

She couldn't convince him to ride a horse.

They reveled in the success of their sales.

Toerless is very bright.

Dan suffered a terrible loss with the death of his wife, Linda.

This house is uninhabitable.

Here we explain about creating outlines of characters and paths.

Erik is our leader.

There is an urgent need for a radical revision of our current concepts of the nature of consciousness and its relationship to matter and the brain.

They released Jef.

With a shortage of midwives added to that of obstetricians it has become clear all over again that our country's obstetric care is in an extremely grave situation.

Francois raised his arm.

Don't be so down in the dumps. You just got dumped, that's all.

I love you, but not that way.

I think married people have more problems than single people.

By what process do you suggest I do something?

It's windy today.

My mother is busy in the kitchen.


Because of the thick fog, the street was hard to see.


Where is the way out?

This article is high quality.

Long before the sun rose, the birds had arrived at the feeder.

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The doctor gave her a sedative.


They saw the ship.


I sit down crosslegged where Aoi points.


You must be polite.

Bernard doesn't know how much it will cost.

Don't kid yourself. You couldn't afford to buy a house like this.

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I am from Turkey.

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He abandoned his family and moved to Tahiti.

The public is entitled to information about how public money is spent.

He did it for his family.


Let's get this party rolling.


I moved on.

This school was recommended to me by someone I asked to help me with the visa application process.

I won't be going with them.


I asked him not to play the piano late at night.

They set off fireworks.

I didn't know he had decided to leave.

I only hope you're right.

Can you supply me with all I need?

He was in the shop, minding his own business, when the car crashed through the wall.

Hotta would think this was too expensive.


She was kind enough to lend me large sum of money.

She is a polished lady.

What is the exact time?

The Atlantic Ocean separates America from Europe.

I ran to my mother.

Cacao trees thrive in rainforests.

He knows how to play baseball.

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He will tell me everything sooner or later.

I appreciate your offer.

Eggs are essential in the production of new human cells.

I haven't seen him for a good long time.

A witch once gave Christopher Columbus an evil eye... and never got it back.

Individual freedom is the foundation of democracy.

I've had a show.

I'm here on official business.

Where can I find a taxi?

Kyoko was kind enough to carry my baggage for me.

This book contains forty photographs.

Why isn't Sri helping Oleg?

Marty's repulsive.


I was waiting for the right moment.

We have to submit an essay by Wednesday.

The aisle to reach the exit is very narrow.

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She is a beautiful girl.

Emil and Juha were nowhere to be seen.

No one knows what will happen in the 1990's.

Don't give Marty a reason to say no.

Blair never told me he didn't know how to speak French.

I don't eat any bread.

I didn't know Victoria was going to do that.

God knows I am telling the truth.

That's what needs to happen.

I was away for a while.

A light and happy heart is the best of gifts.

I wouldn't press the matter any further, if I were you.

As there were no clients, we closed the shop earlier.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

I want to try eating horse meat.

You see a tall building over there.

Sidney took a cold shower this morning.

Are you sure this is the right place?

How many times do you feed the fish?

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Loren doesn't understand how Malaclypse feels.

She told me about what she saw in Australia.

Glynn is starving to death.

Would you do it?

I really like travelling by ship.

He is a lonely man with few friends.

The boy passed the examination with success.

I now represent them.

What's the good news?


I stayed up all night.

This we can do.

Earle found out later that the woman he met in the park was Les.

He was struck with polio when he was five.

The development of word-processors has enabled us to type Japanese easily.


Guys, I gotta go.


You never gave up.

Please fill up the front.

Doesn't he work in marketing?

I will leave you alone.

We speak Mari.

That's pretty optimistic.

I want to kiss her.

Of all the personages whose marvelous doings once filled the minds of men, he alone survives. He has outlived all the great gods, and all the impressive and poetic conceptions which once flitted between heaven and earth; these have gone, but Santa Claus remains by virtue of a common understanding that childhood shall not be despoiled of one of its most cherished beliefs.

Isolation is the common lot of man.


They're in my office.


Tell us what happened last night.

Sabrina didn't go to class.

He lay at full length on the grass.

I'm free tonight

I'm too tired to do anything now.

I like my job very much.

This car was ours. Now it is theirs.

A police car has stopped on the side of the road.

Do I have to take this medicine?

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They used that table.

As Carter and Yvonne's one-year dating anniversary passed, Isaac's mother began to be cautiously optimistic that a wedding might soon be in the offing.

The book, this time, is available.

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I want to come.

Darren weighed himself.

Sooner or later, we'll know the truth.


Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

The theory of the separation of powers is attributed to Montesquieu in his book "The Spirit of the Laws."

Brenda swims.


Explain to me how that could happen.

Until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Try some.

Can't I stay here with you?

I can rent a boat from there.


As commercial and cultural contacts between East and West developed, Arab and Persian traders began calling on China along the Silk Road in increasing numbers.

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I heard that Deborah went to Boston.

Who did Confucius teach?

We won the contest!

Is there a mileage charge?

I wear cool clothes and cool sunglasses.

They are susceptible to changes in fashion.

Do you want to hold my dog?

They live apart.

I'm still the same person I used to be.