I already knew everyone.


Somehow it's been a rough day.


Larry did not want to throw anything away.

What you said is not true.

My rent's due tomorrow.

I wish you could meet Sonny.

The largest animal on Earth is the gigantic blue whale.


What are our orders?


She is recognized to be an expert on linguistics.

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Matt had a huge smile on his face.

Jimmy will often sit up all night.

Please don't worry about me.

Winnie doesn't sleep here.

Shall I go together with you?


They must've skipped out of town.

You know how.

Francisco and Arlene were sitting next to each other on the plane.


Jupiter is so large that all of the other planets in the solar system could fit inside of it.

I hope nothing has happened to Dawson.

Her arm brushed against mine.

What do you charge for lessons?

I think you'd better go on a diet.


Check out our website!

I was just trying to impress Beverly.

Don't forget to put on sunscreen.

That was odd.

Bjorne is the last person I want to see right now.

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I want a blue cake.

Let's mop the floor.

How are you finding the Quality Control department?


I hope that neither of them were involved in that traffic accident.

Are you sure you don't know what this is?

I don't want to leave a message.

I need to find a place to live.

However, the moment was not very appropriate.

He chivalrously carries our bags.

Kerri already knows the answer to that question.


What do you want me to carry?


He sells shoes.

Does she really want that?

This room is a mess.

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Sir wouldn't go out with Jerald.

Everyone has a favorite.

I drank an herbal infusion.

My mother is not accustomed to hard work.

Rik is collecting things.


Who is the gentleman all dressed in black?

Why don't you do something constructive for a change?

You don't follow the rules.

He gave me what money he had.

Srivatsan is neurotic.

Weather permitting, I'll depart tomorrow.

Bart put her head on Valeria's shoulder and Jimmy wrapped his arm around her.

Wayne never laughs.

Have you ever seen a kangaroo?

From data gathered by the Viking 1 and 2 probes, we know that the Martian surface is covered by various rocks and a soil which is rich in an iron-laden clay. The presence of iron explains the planet's reddish-orange appearance.

This is the most recent picture of Heidi I have.

I think men can live on the moon.

She is of American parentage.

That was awesome.

I am adding an example sentence.

The yacht sailed all over the world by using the force of the wind.

Ramesh never was lazy.

Phill watches on TV all informative programms

I don't like studying in this heat.

Francisco pretended not to notice.

You should know what to read.


What room in your house do you spend the most time in?

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It was my mistake.

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I gave Jesus a couple of tickets for my concert.

I want Italian dressing on my salad.

Either Cecilia is wrong or I am.

Lindsey was about to get into his car when he was shot.

How long did it take Cory to build the doghouse?

His uncle approved the development of human cloning.

How was your honeymoon?


I like this book.

This movement is like a forum or platform from which feminists speak out on women's issues.

I didn't know how to speak French at that time.

I still like to do that sometimes.

There wasn't much else we could do.

We weren't talking about you.

They thought I was asleep.


Being stubborn won't help you.

Vladimir has a tattoo of a skull on his chest.

I pay 100,000 yen in monthly rent for my apartment.

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Something is making the door stick.


I studied Italian in Firenze, not in Peruja.

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It's a risk we have to take.

She hadn't seen her sister since around 4 P.M.

The kids love stories.

Why aren't you married?

My eyelid feels hot.

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I'll be voting for Bernie.

Go inside that building. I will tell you what to do next.

I'll soon be with you.

I think I'll take this one.

Max told me you were with my son when he died.


You can never go back.

Today is certainly a pleasant day.

I have to lose weight.

Does this come in any other color?

She wants to speak.

Marion didn't grow up here.

Mikael is going to prison.

Coal, natural gas and oil are the remains of plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.

I am looking for the chair in the dark.

One notices readily, Ethel, that French blood courses in your veins.

I like him apart from the fact that he talks too much.

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I'm really glad you decided to come to our party instead of staying at home.

I'm in Rome.

Go see it if you never want to sleep again!

Marcel is a nice guy.

I made use of every opportunity to improve my English.

After the death of her parents, her grandparents took to her education.

Philip couldn't believe Carolyn just hung up on him.


Take your time, or you may make some mistakes.


Look, I want you to get me out of here.

The buses left one after another.

Raman won't be able to handle this alone.

You can get anything less expensive in bulk.

Everybody said it couldn't be done.

Elliott found a hundred dollar bill on the street.

She is old enough to know better than to expect too much of her parents.

Men fight for gold with iron.

I live pretty close to them.

Eugene will get the Ig Noble prize for his contribution to literature.

It has been ten years since my father passed away.

She's hiding something from me.

Which is the easiest language to learn? Esperanto!

If the weather had been nice yesterday, we would have gone to the zoo.

Mason always seems happy.

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The program for the convention is extraordinarily rich. There are generally four or five lectures taking place at the same time.


She called her sister.


I think this not a method that I can really recommend unless you are willing to risk failure.

Justin and Himawan eat steak two or three times a week.

Are you sure you're ready to do this?

Stu said you'd want to talk with him.

Alan knows where my house is.

Rob seems to be angry, but not as angry as Jean.

He's got more books than all the others put together.

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The same locution could have a different illocutionary force in different contexts.

We got to get you a real man.

That which is easily acquired is easily lost.

Terrance gave Saumya's hand a friendly squeeze.

"I'm so glad you got rid of him." "Me too."

Mehrdad hasn't yet moved out of his apartment.

Can you please go away now?

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Not driving himself, he isn't familiar with cars.

What the hell's wrong with you?

Our baby is growing up day by day.

Hiroyuki was a big help to us.

Kris can't hide the truth from Tammy anymore.

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They did not go to sleep until the early hours of the morning.

We are all in grave danger.

I cannot understand what he is driving at.

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Dannie stole his father's car.

Thanks for agreeing to meet me here.

True or false?

Catherine is always well-groomed and fashionably dressed.

A cat dashed out of the room.

I'll just put this in the fridge.

It's still for sale.

He is a writer rather than a scholar.

Please tell me about you and your family.