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MyScript EMR™ is an electronic medical records application designed by Technovate Consultancy Services to communicate patient information securely, quickly, and from any location provided with internet access. It provides physicians with the ability to confidentially access complete patient records, vital health information and demographic information so that healthcare decisions can be made for their patients in a timely and efficient manner, even when not at the office.

It further offers a complete office solution in one easy to find location – the Internet! Those who are designated to carry out office management responsibilities no longer need to waste time with concerns of “Where’s the record?"

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What Client's Say

Services Overview

MyScript EMR™ is a clinical and patient management system. Patient data and Practice Management data are securely housed for HIPAA compliance and designed for ease of use by the physician and designated office staff.

MyScript EMR™ consists of the following modules:


MyScript EMR™ offers a convenient online scheduling system. A scheduling system is pivotal to the office and keeps track of your daily work. View your patients anywhere and any time. Our scheduling system provides you with e-mail capability, messages, and essential features of the office calendar.


Keeping track of medications prescribed to the patient is easy with MyScript EMR™. Prescribed drugs, dosages, dates, and drug reactions can be accessed quickly for monitoring and analysis by you. Whether a patient is actively using medications or has discontinued medications listed in the system, the patient’s prescription history can be comprehensively viewed for pertinent medical considerations.


Patient laboratory results over time can be monitored in the MyScript EMR™ application. The lab report provides an easy-to-use format for input and review. With the MyScript EMR™ application, lab results are chronologically stored for an indefinite period of time. Technovate Consultancy Services also will work with your current laboratory to create an interface to make this feature even more streamlined, if this is your desire.

Patient Demographics

Knowing your patient and being able to gather information about his or her record is very important to any clinical practice. The MyScript EMR™ application has streamlined this information gathering process, and keeps it reliable, concise, and to standard. It was designed by knowledgeable professionals working in the field. Gathering accurate data, looking up valuable information, and reporting on patient activity is made possible with a functioning database built with your patients in mind and your practice as our top priority.

Report Writer

MyScript EMR™ provides you with the capability to compile information for optimal patient care and physician practice monitoring. All you have to do is set the parameters of the information you want to see, such as patient visits, diagnoses, insurance, et cetera, and reports are generated for your analysis. Knowing patient population is one key element to any successful practice. MyScript EMR™ provides you with better control by having this information at your fingertips. Furthermore, enhancement of additional report writing features will be considered per physicians’ needs and special requests.

History & Physicals

MyScript EMR™ offers a thorough, accurate, and requisite regulatory History and Physical (H&P) report. It provides a quick, easy-to-use report for completing your H&Ps. Point and click features, drop-downs, and diagnosis codes have been incorporated to streamline this process. The H&P has been developed by medical professionals and record-keeping experts to ensure total completeness of the report. Once an H&P has been completed, it is filed in the MyScript EMR™ system for easy retrieval and review. If the H&P is needed as a hard copy for mailing or other dissemination, all you have to do is click on the print feature.

Progress Notes

Progress notes have never been easier. Patient care can be provided and documented at the time of the visit or later in the day, whatever is optimal for your schedule. Additionally, diagnosis and procedure codes are available for the physician to use. After report completion, progress notes are sequentially filed by MyScript EMR™ for your easy retrieval and review.


Technovate Consultancy Services will be releasing a billing component in the near future. This will be a complete billing system that will allow your medical office to perform all of its billing, or will accommodate access to a billing professional of your choice. In either case, it is the physician who has complete control and oversight of the billing process. Insurance verification, coding, clearing house features, and report writing will be included, which will permit you to monitor your payments, track your balances, or analyze your financials.

Who can use MyScript EMR?

MyScript EMR™ was designed specifically for medical office use. Any practitioner in any specialty can benefit from the Technovate Consultancy Services application. If you have a solo medical practice, are part of a group, or practice in a hospital setting, MyScript EMR™ can save you and your staff time, increase efficiency, and improve documentation completeness. All that your office needs to run smoothly now is found in one application that is easily accessed over the Internet. And, yes, we are HIPAA compliant.

If you are in any of these specialties…



Emergency Medicine



Physical Medicine


Psychiatry / Psychology

Internal Medicine

Preventive Medicine

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Obstetrics and Gynecology

Nuclear Medicine

Radiation Oncology




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About Us

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Our Goal

Mission and Objectives

MyScript EMR™ was developed to provide physicians with a secure and affordable means of moving into the next phase of physician practice and documentation – the electronic medical record. MyScript EMR™ was designed for compliance with governmental ‘charting’ requirements, while affording physicians and staff a simple and easy application to use. Our goal was to provide a means to securely access necessary patient documentation, while endeavoring to give physicians and staff more time and less work in meeting these requirements.

We invite you to discover for yourself how MyScript EMR™ could benefit your medical practice.

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Why choose us

Our knowledge & Experience delivers

The Technovate Consultancy Services team is composed of individuals with over 20 years of experience in medical record keeping, programming and design, group practice formulation, and Federal and State documentation requirements. We are devoted to making a positive change in the healthcare field. We strive to provide a means for physicians to maximize their full potential as providers and to effect better information and data gathering for medical practices, patients, and other ancillary entities.

Recognizing current physician needs and soon-to-be requirements, we collaborated to design MyScript EMR™. Our primary focus was to provide an all-encompassing electronic system that would harmoniously streamline the various aspects of medical practices. We placed an emphasis on accuracy, reliability and security of patients’ records while avoiding redundant data. Saving time and money, as well as alleviating the need to be in the office to accomplish medical decisions and requirements was also a part of our primary focus. And we believe we have achieved all of these goals through MyScript EMR™.