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They are related to colonization.

I take that back.

Jorge says he can't remember what he and Case were talking about at that time.

Teri is very timid.

It's written abazure (bitch). Surely this must mean a slut?


Hiroyuki was arrested on Monday.


I have to go to the bank.

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I certainly don't mind helping you.

There must be something wrong with the engine.

I wrote to everybody inquiring after their health in the hot season.

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How long do we stop here?


Promise me you won't tell Kay.


They were symptoms of the earthquake.

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Sjouke ate the chicken with his fingers.


The soldiers turned traitor.

He treats me with severity.

He was surprised by the news.

Kristian doesn't see any reason why he has to go.

Did you know that Moe was using cocaine?

That was a life-transforming experience.

She's only a couple of years younger than me.


They've lied to me.

It is imperative that we find another way out of this situation.

Clean the room.


You're very funny.


Lance refused to give Suwandi the money she needed.

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I had my umbrella blown off by the strong wind.

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I knew you'd like what Mickey gave you.

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Jesse has probably never been to Boston.

Should we run for it?

This summer the transfer market will be more exciting than ever.

Paula didn't attend class last week.

I had no idea there were so many people in the other room.

Why does that not surprise me?

Randolph didn't find Stuart's story very interesting.

I never see this picture without thinking of him.

Don't wait for us.


Floyd walked off with my umbrella.

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Do you know what Ariel's favorite food is?


My place isn't usually this much of a mess.


That's the craziest fucking thing I've ever heard!

Kamel is a lush.

That's one of my favorites.


Piet is taller than his father.

Can this news be true?

Lloyd is a little upset.

You must be Rich's brother.

He dreams that everybody in China speaks Esperanto.

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Could we please go home now?

Axel is barely able to stay awake.

My athlete's foot hurts.

Emmett says that he wants to settle down.

I don't want you to give me any money.

Now is as good a time as any.

I can see Johan is in pain.

I climbed Mt. Aso.

Can someone help me?

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I don't work for her.

I'm quite all right if you have no objection to it.

We're not going to just sit all day, are we?

The problem is we don't know anything about that.

Suzan and Bertrand aren't far behind me.


Jim wrote to me last week and said that he'd been back for two months.

Our school facilities are inadequate for foreign students.

You're only making things worse.

I swear, John.

It's time to tell the whole truth.

Let's get out of here before the police come.

I know Sjaak was unhappy.


Spass saw Kit working in her garden.


I have the impression that he is quite arrogant.

You pompous git!

We saved your life.


I wonder when Calvin will get here.

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Nobody wanted to praise my country.

I want to learn karate.

There is no need to worry about shortages for the moment.


Almost everything has been improved.

We were going to get married, but decided against it.

My teacher found out that I was skipping class and he raked me over the coals.

He goes to university.

His condition could have been worse.

I should never have let you carry that by yourself.

She calls me often.

Please tell me where you will live.

My father didn't say a word during dinnertime.

She threw her hands up in horror when she saw what he had done.

It's difficult to balance a ball on your nose.


I have two brothers.


Though I am in the tiger's mouth, I am as calm as Mount Tai.

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We left when it was too late.

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I don't believe a word of it.

They usually shear sheep in spring.

That's a very rude question.

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Case and Kristin are hiding in those woods.


I can't talk you out of it, can I?


Let's get ready.


I ate some crisps.


I'm not going to do this anymore.

There is no sense in standing when there are seats available.

Fortunately, the older part of the city was spared from the Allies' bombs.

We hurried to the train station.

I'll be busy all afternoon.

Say it's not true.

Is it all wrong?

Much money is spent every day.

Four metres of this material cost nine francs; therefore, two metres cost four and a half francs.


I'm glad I don't have your job.

We're out of ammunition.

Am I supposed to be afraid of you?

Taro speaks English, doesn't he?

This bad weather is more than I bargained for.

If there is no God, everything is permitted.

Rajendra understood.

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Are you still working as a waiter?

Our conversation was interrupted by his sneezes.

You won't succeed unless you attend to your work.

You can be happy if you want.

I expect a lot from him.

Why do some people consider it morally wrong to eat meat?

You spelled my name wrong.

This holiday isn't much fun - we might as well head back home.

Are you students?


He doesn't like to eat fish.


She sent me a letter.

A really bad thing happened to him.

The bad weather delayed the plane.

You need to apologize to me.

Carole regretted what he had done.

Lars doesn't do that as often as he should.

No matter how hard he tried, he could not get out of the maze.

Is that Syun's coat?

Hurricane Sandy is coming.

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The most beautiful thing in the sky are the stars, the most beautiful thing in life is kindness.

I can't stay here right now.

She snuck into the room.

Her boyfriend was not supportive.

This student's books are new.

If I don't go, who will?

I won't wear a wig.

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A crowd was gathering around him.


These monks live inside the monastery.

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I will buy a watch at the store.


I don't want either of them.

I'll be in Boston just for the weekend.

I can't believe you married Linda.

I know you still want us to live together.

Leslie swallowed the last of his drink.

We will all die, sooner or later.

I've never done this in my life.

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You'll be happy.

Who would want to hire them?

I'd like a word with Alvin.