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BugSplat crash reporting allows you to simply and easily find, fix, and track crashes disrupting your happy users.


Crash Reporting for Serious Software Development

Using BugSplat to report crashes in your application or video game automates and removes many of the frustrating and time-consuming tasks of building software. With BugSplat you won’t have to chase bugs, wonder which defects to work on first, or guess how well your software is performing for your users. You’re now free to just build seriously good software.

Advanced Data for Debugging

BugSplat orders crashes by their frequency and severity, which shows you which issues should be fixed first in order to best improve your software. When you dive into an individual crash report, you’ll find symbolic call stacks, function names and line numbers, the user’s description of the event, and more.

Complements Your Team’s Workflow

Adding BugSplat to your team’s development and support process speeds up your bug-fixing process, allowing you to spend more time working on what truly matters to you. BugSplat crash reporting also integrates with your team’s favorite bug-tracking tools and other applications for further workflow bliss.

Simple Setup and Configuration

Integrating BugSplat into your application is simple and straightforward for your development team. The best part is that once you have it up and going you’ll never have to think about it again. Just sit back and enjoy not having to worry about maintaining your own solution to have first-class data on user crashes. Booyah!










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BugSplat enables teams to build seriously good software by streamlining their support and development process with stellar crash reporting data.

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BugSplat has helped immensely with the beta testing of Moonman. It was super easy to set up and customize to fit within my game.

Moonman Ben Porter

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BugSplat is great! How did we live without it before??

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