Luc was in Boston last year.

I don't have time to answer all those questions.

This is the best party I've been to all year.

Del Potro missed a backhand long at break point.

What kind of songs does Barbara sing at karaoke?

Sandy didn't work on Monday night.


Don't whisper, let alone speak.

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I drink tea without sugar.

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He died in my arms.


It just doesn't feel safe.

Can I have my knife back?

Brender pulled into his driveway.

There are flying birds in the sky.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this.


I'm not sowing your wheat.

Claire had to cancel his lecture because he was sick.

He is sure to make it in the next exam.

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Is Japanese taught in your school now?

We're in the middle of a delicate situation.

That boy looks like him.

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I haven't slept.

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Jenine is hungry, and so am I.

Seth is still a teenager, isn't he?

I just spoke to Eva over there.

I won't be more than two or three hours.

"Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine."

Philosophy is the art of taking revenge on reality.

I don't have any illusions.

I think you need someone to talk to.

Return to the ship at once.

What do you make of it?

I am Egyptian.

I think we have to tell them.

Well, we're neighbours. I'll be popping over all the time.

There were three men in the room.

They had brought up their sons to stand on their own feet.

I heard screaming.

How far is it from the airport to the hotel?

Your left leg has been amputated.

As I thought, Catherine is a beautiful girl after all.

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You owe me $1,000.

All I want is to get rid of you.

I'd like to go to the movies.


I was a bit confused.


Lewis is only a little older than Mariou.


No one has seen her for years.


At first, I was worried about Rahul's growing affection for stoats, but after seeing his fascinating findings for myself, I realized that stoats are awesome and deserve every bit of attention they get.


You make too much of the event.

I'm a TV addict.

It's good if you can sing.

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The woman smells the coffee.

I don't understand your complaint.

Do you like the rod?

It's very white.

Tell her that I'm here.


Suwandi told Sho that she had a nice smile.

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I'm not a tourist.


Your opponents are an illusion. There are no distinct entities of "us" versus "them."


Please let me go and see Alberto.


Wendy hasn't won anything.

Cristi was allowed to do that.

I traded old newspapers for toilet paper.

If civilization is to survive, it must choose the rule of law.

Is Mr Jones in the office?

His French is improving little by little.

I'm crazy about Cole.

Amir asked for a lot of money.

A dozen people gathered opposite the station.

I have to tell him about it.

Don't you miss Vistlik?

How many animal species are discovered every year?

Maybe they know something.

"I heard voices in my head." "What were the voices saying?"

I wish Hy would just shut up.

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We think the world of you.

Although he is rich, he is not happy.

Randal teaches me French.

The brightness of her smile always makes me feel better.

How does that sound to you?

The silkworm is spinning a thread.

Computers have made rapid progress.

I knew she would be the winner.

Many cultures, many stories, and pretty girls.

Hamilton isn't in the same place you are.

Rogue didn't want to go to the party, but ended up having a ball.

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His words surprised me.

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It's necessary for all members to follow these rules.

Would you ever consider dating someone like me?

I went to a movie with Eddie a few days ago.


Believe in luck!

GPS trackers are raising new questions about privacy and a legal system that has not kept pace with technology.

I know you might think I'm too young.

Close your eyes and sleep!

By good luck, he was in time for the train.

He resented his friend's action.

I still think we should've told your dad where we're going tonight.

Mike entered his office and saw a box on his desk.

I wanted something to eat.

Is the dog chained?

Write everything down.


She pushed him out the window.

I asked you not to make any noise.

We are sorry we are unable to accept your request.


Torsten was one of the first people to arrive.


It's a bad example.


Someone is definitely lying.

The contract was signed.

Do you wash your hands before meals?

The smell brought back memories of a night some years before.

He showed me his new car.


Heinrich and Knut purchased a small parcel of land on the edge of town, where they plan to grow vegetables.


What's there to talk about?

I promised to send Julianto a letter.

I guess they speak French.

Monica hopes that it'll be fine tomorrow.

I just came by to say thanks.


I wasn't involved.

I am by no means absent from this class because I am lazy.

The newscaster puts too much emphasis on the food crisis.

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Laurence didn't arrive until the concert was over.


Something's obviously wrong.

I want you to know I appreciate all you've done for us.

Jef has a list of things he needs to do.

I've heard about the problems that you and Sergei have been having.

Jean-Christophe started yelling.

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I regret losing that opportunity.

We can't thank you enough.

Meehan and I often play tennis together.

Their friendship quickly turned into love.

Why on earth are you so kind?

The first man that succeed in swimming the Channel was Captain Webb.

They were badly in need of water.

There is a lid for every pot.

The enemy can't close in on us so they can't do anything.

The teacher assembled the students in the hall.

I didn't donate blood.

You hypocrite!

I have no intention of retiring. I'm still young.

I shouldn't have trusted him.

She practices English conversation by listening to the radio.

Let's talk to him.

I suggest you stay here until Allan gets here.

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You may have been right about that.


She said herself that she won't fall in love with anyone anymore.

In the cemetery, there is a statue of a snake biting its own tail.

We thought of him as a genius.

It's really cute.

We shared the profit among us all.

Mistakes like these, you make them often.

May I shake your hand?

It's going to be morning soon.

The lady remained silent.

He talked about his expectations.

He can do it if anybody.


I am not a fan of libertarianism.

We've still got a job to do.

Niall wore a baseball cap.

I've got nothing you could use.

Slartibartfast thought it would be best if Jorge stayed with John.


You know what I think we should do.

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We went along a narrow road.