Did you get what you wanted?

Helen was the one who made that decision.

The audience began to laugh.

Here, chicky chicky!


Then what shall I do tomorrow?


Keep the change.

We may have a problem.

Emily can't eat ground meat.


What a nice thought!


In the event of rain, the game will not be held.

I tried this and that, blending yellow with white powders and obtaining brown, mixing crystals with powders and getting dust, combining liquids with solids and making mud.

We were all happy.

The time when mankind is free from hunger is yet to come.

We've found it.


What time and where exactly shall we meet?

If it never happened to you, you're a virgin.

With a little more patience, she would have succeeded.

You look fantastic.

It's cold today.

He likes to play rough.

Kent isn't a professional.

Sooner or later he will drive me mad.

Let's hit the slopes.


Thanks to your help, we were successful.

I didn't get anything for her.

Act too forcefully and you'll start a war.


Morgan is cute. So is Jane.

She attempted to kill herself.

Bicycles keep to the left in Japan.

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Maybe you're not supposed to do that.

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Oh, it's you. Come in.

He was brave enough to go there alone.

I can help if you want me to.

But my elder sister can swim perfectly well.

The Supreme Court is located near the Imperial Palace.

The audience appeared bored.

He's a rebel.

Mt. Fuji is covered with snow in the winter.

I want Franklin to come over and apologize to Liyuan.

We're not as young as Stanly.

He knows how to console people.

Minute particles are hardly visible to the naked eye.

When he saw Jesus passing by, he said...

Marilla had problems with her lungs.

What happens to all the wood?

She gave me a haughty look and walked away.

Teri was playing in the backyard.


We learned to dive when we were five.

I am not studying now.

Of all good properties, God is the entity that has the most of it. Existence is a good property. Hence, God is the entity that is the most existent of all.

If I had enough money, I could go abroad.

You're gullible.


The bus was late.

He was attacked by a sharp pain in his stomach.

No one seems to smile anymore.


I paid five dollars to him.

Someone dropped this.

I'm not going to discuss it any further.


I'm totally not exaggerating.

The sentence seems fine to me.

Let's wait for another 5 minutes.


Give me a sec.

She grew up to be a famous musician.

We love studying music.

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Don't hide in there.

You should never write like you talk.

Wayne cheated on the history exam.

I need some cash.

Nicolo came before anyone else.


Andrew glanced right and then left.

Ranjit is a legend.

Norman bumped into Andries.

What've you done now, Stanley?

Wendy plays hockey.

Education aims to develop potential abilities.

He is quite clearly out of danger.

Yvonne isn't as optimistic as Jayant is.

Do you know where he is?

Place it wherever you like.

She misled a customer.

What's Sergeant still doing here?

I've been delayed for a few hours.

Many people envy James's success.

What kind of hospital is this?

I need political asylum.

What were they saying?


Both boys studied hard.

A great number of accidents happen every year.

I lived in Rome.

Don't you know that he has been dead for these two years?

You're the boss.

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When it comes to fidelity, Triantaphyllos hasn't got a good track record.

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I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.


Where's the rest of it?


And if I was homosexual, would that be a sin?

Our Father that is in heaven, hallowed be your name; your kingdom come; your will be done, in earth as in heaven. Give to us this day our bread over other substance, and forgive to us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Saul wrote down our names.

You said you'd help him.

I do not feel sad.


Dan is a linguist and a translator.

Alastair wasn't gone long.

They assailed the new teacher with questions.

Walter said we should rehearse more.

I'm ambivalent about what we're attempting here.

Elizabeth apologized for being late.

I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker and I don't really think I need to.

You slept with her?

It seems that most people only barbeque in the summer.


She asked him some questions.

You worry too much about what other people will think of you.

Straka sprained his ankle.


Be kind to old people.

It was very dark in Susan's room.

Birds evolved from dinosaurs.

I forgot to turn off the television before going to sleep.

It makes no difference to me whether you go or not.


We're back in business.

There's no air in this room.

Toerless was sweating profusely.

I met Marion at a dinner party.

Harmon's not the slightest bit interested in my suggestion.

She has a piano lesson once a week.

What's that noise?

I thought I had the right to be here.

By and by, the bitter north wind began to blow.


What made you say such a stupid thing as that?

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A number of improvement notices have been issued to eateries for flouting hygiene regulations.


If Real doesn't want to help, he doesn't have to.

Please stay in line.

He was listening to the radio with his earphone.

Where did you sing them?

We keep late hours.

What time do you wake up in the morning?

You can help stop that.


I've never been a superstitious person.

You should go back right now.

She is a sophomore.

I never used any kind of headband.

We demoted you.

Just let me in.

A revolution broke out in Mexico.

Slow economic recovery has sent auto sales plummeting.

Pim died later that year.

Do you want to go grab a bite somewhere?

I hope that everything is in order.

You're not going to faint, are you?

I hope you'll be very happy together.

We won't forget them.

Alastair didn't want to work in Boston.


I'd like a full tank of regular unleaded.

I had my watch mended.

I'll recommend it.

Excuse me, where's the Gents?

You are always the cause of my worries.


He avoids me.

What will I forget to write?

Cecilia was skiing with his father when the accident happened.

You could see the oblong shape of the rat as it passed down the snake's gullet.

It's too good an opportunity to let it slip away.

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I hate spinach.

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The weather changed quickly.

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Moses won three races.

I wish I had not bought such a useless thing.

Why didn't you go back for Tony?


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