It is OK for me to use that?

Their names escaped me.

Urs looks like a woman.

I gritted my teeth.

I think watching people playing chess isn't much fun.

That tie looks just like the one Rakhal is wearing.

Ravindran asked us to follow him.

Harv got here early this morning.

I'll go, even if it rains tomorrow.

Troy hasn't sent the letter yet.

I don't have to get up until 1 o'clock tomorrow.

White to play and win.

You don't have to be alone tonight.

My host family gave me a hearty welcome.

I assume Valeria will eventually be arrested for what he did.

I've got to get something to eat.

Sue took good care of you.

You're lucky Butler is your friend.


Don't use this faucet.


I think it's time we left.


I'll do your shopping, clean up the house, and cook your dinner for you.


The Moon orbits the Earth.

Did you recognize him?

I don't know if we can help Clay this time.

Man fears disasters such as floods and fires.

He found a job.

Let Michael come aboard.

What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing.

I don't like dirty jokes, but I get a kick out of it when you tell them.

In Tatoeba it makes no sense adding hundreds of sentences if they are not validated by native users.


Thank you for consoling me when I was sad.

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She was late to school.

I need a calendar.

Is there anything you want?

The police promised to investigate the matter.

Casper worries too much about his children.

If you do it, I might be able to help you.

Glynn probably thought I was thirsty.

I know that's who you're looking for.

He protested against the new plan.

Dominic is just like the rest of them.

Sam was deported.

Hon wants to know more about Collin's past.

Crowns are inherited, kingdoms are earned.

Beckie has some things to talk to you about.

I didn't ignore him.


There is no man but admires her.

Markets make a good servant, a bad master and a terrible religion.

Bob asked for the check.

Robbin put down his spoon and picked up a fork.

Can I stay here to eat something?

Our project didn't get off the ground until he joined the company.

A leopard never changes its spots.


I want pizza.


I want to make something clear.

You don't know what Laurent was doing.

Do something useful.


The book is tan.

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The bride was radiant.


Seeing me, she was embarrassed.

When he runs out of knives, Lyle butters his toast with a spoon.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.


We have a few questions concerning Ray's options.

Let's just drop it.

I attempted to swim across the river.

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I don't know if she will come.

I was robbed of my bag.

We slept.

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She got hepatitis no wonder she is losing so much weight.


Film is one of the three universal languages, the other two: mathematics and music.

Can you tell me why Ricky is doing that?

Man can be subdued through fear.

They are not much different in character from each other.

Ann was surprised to hear the rumor.

Josh plans on being here next weekend.

Liz persuaded Pravin to study French with him.

Why wasn't anything about that in the report?

What are you suggesting?


I hid behind a tree.

Suzan shoved his sunglasses to the top of his head.

He seemed to have been working for a long time.


Kelvin closed the trunk.

Ahmed peeked into the box to see what was in it.

What does she see?

Karen can't stop me.

What company do you work for?


Have you ever wanted to make a comment, but posted it as a translation by mistake?

I'd have waited another year if I'd had to.

Marcos looked just like his picture.

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I want to buy some earplugs before I go to tonight's concert.

He has a white dog.

We should confine the discussion to the question at issue.

Knut scored a touchdown.

The killer could have been stopped.

We will all die, sooner or later.

Monetary value is the dominant value in American society.

No silence was ever written down.

I've been working here since high school.

His house is across from mine.

Hey, I was wrong.


Are you sure we should pursue this?

Snow melts.

My aunt loves Creole music.

But love can break your heart.

It's best if you don't talk.

Good health is more valuable than anything else.

Ahmed has been doing a lot of thinking.

See that Takayuki stays in bed.

It was me who killed Kennedy.

He commutes from Yokohama to Tokyo by train.

I need someone to find him.

Herb handed it to Theo.

You really should be working, you know.

Lindsey has received several prizes for her poetry.

Doing that would be a waste of time.


I really need your help.

Do you want to know how Nathaniel did it?

Do I have to do what Brian says?

I don't know how to get along with those difficult people.

I can't hear you.

"Mom, do you know where the thermometer is?" "It's not in the usual place?" "Yeah, I checked."

We think, dream and remember in pictures and carry within us a large internal archive.

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I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

He couldn't help but notice the beautiful woman walking down the beach.

Why do you resent me?

A dog is barking now.

A moldy loaf of bread lay on the table.

After he heard the news, Jaime was in seventh heaven.

Don't get mixed up with those people.


She has given me a shirt.

Why's Naren being mean to Markus?

I like both dogs and cats.

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You've been told not to do that.

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My wife is liable to catch a cold.

Though his stay in Europe was transient, Spenser felt he had learned much more about interactions with other people from traveling than he did at college.

The heavy rain made them put off their departure.

That's very nice of you.

A mountain fire broke out and burnt the forest.


Tatoeba is watching you.

The sun having set, they were still dancing.

You should've told me Eileen was unhappy.

The report revealed that many teenagers are alcoholics.

How many minutes shall I boil this frozen asparagus?

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Both drinking and smoking are bad for the health.

This problem has often been remarked upon.

I wrote a lot in my diary yesterday.


I'll be in the waiting room.

It's my son.

I'm here to teach you some manners.

You must bear in mind what I've just said to you.

Norm did not wear socks.

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What's the minimum salary in Estonia?


I just can't help worrying about you.

I was so scared.

Has Harold ever been married?

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The mouse was running around under the bed.


Ritchey comes to Boston every two months.

There is no future for her.

This is not what I wanted to say.

John comes from Florida and his wife from California.

Timo hasn't called the fire department yet.


Mahesh had to go by himself.

When I grow up, I'll be a pilot. And what will you be?

Would you like me to call a taxi?

We'll just stay where we are.

Being a language, mathematics may be used not only to inform but also, among other things, to seduce.