Whoever reads that is silly.


He was relieved of his heavy responsibility.

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Go home quickly.

Do you ever think about that girl?

You look good.

His speech went down well with the audience.

I can't swallow these tablets without a drink of water.

I don't like what I see.

I thrust my hand into my pocket.

You are easily distracted.

The war is not inevitable.

We are attracted to your personality.

The Masai people drink a mixture of milk and cattle blood.

According to the newspaper, the boy was knocked unconscious and lay on his back with his eyes closed.

We should really sit down and talk.

I want to eat some Korean food that isn't hot and spicy.

I have no idea what that guy is thinking.


You used to tell me everything.


I'd like to reconfirm my reservation.


I'll get us some coffee.

That town has many tall buildings.

Bobbie wasn't surprised that Gale was asking him for a divorce.


Moran's stalling.

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We're here to protect them.

Kyu struggled to express how he felt.

If it had not been for the accident, we would have been in time.

I have something else I need to do.

I wish I'd made better use of my time.


I promised to obey him.


Can you really use all of these?

What's up, dawg?

Hy studied French for three hours last night.

I am afraid of dogs.

What is he thinking, this idiot!

Les stabbed me in the back.

Maybe Piercarlo was home.


Did you know that a colony of ants is living inside the International Space Station?

We couldn't see a thing.

No, I've never been there.

If you don't run, you'll be late.

Stanley was wearing moccasins.

Allan was glad he didn't have to live in Boston for more than a year.

I may be late for dinner.

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Sunday is the first day of the week.

I need you to talk to her.

Not an anna in hand, but call me administrator nonetheless.

Did you get her letter?

Sorrel is listening to Carmina Burana.

I need a doctor!

Make sure the chef is skilled before ordering fugu.

Johnnie chickened out at the last minute.

Miriamne sat at his desk, pretending to study.


We offered to help them move.

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Do I have to go to the party?


Are you kids going to be here again tomorrow?

If he goes on like that, he will never amount to much.

The leader gave up the plan in despair.

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I do not have a sister.

That's utter nonsense.

She's a married woman.


Theo has only been here a week.


My boss is starting to get edgy.

Marci's family liked it in Boston.

He has a rock solid alibi.

All right, I'm listening.

He is a man of high social status.

The tomato crop is of good quality.

Glenn and Seymour started arguing.

She is believed to be from China.

Were there many people at the meeting?


Do you want a salad?

There are a lot of good restaurants in Boston.

If you're interested in going to the zoo tomorrow, I'll pick you up at 2:30.

Focusing on Luna, instead of Mars, may be easier for now, in the theme of colonization. Luna is much closer.

The little girl doesn't like to wear shoes.

He solved every problem.

The Shanghainese people must build up Shanghai's new image.

John skied up the slope.

Father embraced Mother lovingly.

The world's evil almost always comes from ignorance.

Has anything like this ever happened to you before?


Evil is everywhere.

He needed five stitches.

I could have been happy if Emmett had stayed.

I had a feeling Kristin was going to say that.

I enjoy playing the blues.

The patient is sick beyond all hope.

Charles had better be careful what he says.

I feel cold this morning.

I still don't know if we'll go to the museum.

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You're usually as tough as nails.

I couldn't take your place.

They begin losing copious amounts of hair.

Your friends will miss you.

He gave food to many.

The planet nearest to the sun is Mercury.

The patient will soon recover from his illness.

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I go to Hyogo University.

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Rich mineral deposits have been discovered recently in Afghanistan.

Gretchen doesn't know much about guns.

I told her I had plans.

I met him in Tokyo by chance.

Those who cherish their freedom and recognize and respect the equal right of their neighbors to be free and live in peace must work together for the triumph of law and moral principles in order that peace, justice, and confidence may prevail in the world.

Floyd and Kees get along.

I'm gay, so?

Serbia is called "Srbija" in Serbian.

I often go to Boston.

We went to a restaurant.

The effective application of antiseptics is an important matter in the prevention of hospital infections.

I ordered a pizza on the phone.

For years I've been saying that this wouldn't end well.

This car was selected the "car of the year".

You're going to need a bigger boat.

You needn't finish it by tomorrow.

He had no luck in finding work.

Stop biting your nails.

What'll you get Farouk for Christmas?

I woke up three times during the night.

When I visited their apartment, the couple was right in the middle of an argument.

To put it bluntly, the reason this team won't win is because you're holding them back.

You're entitled to the truth.


What are you hiding in your turban?

I don't remember them.

Skeeter will be arrested.


She stayed home and pretended to be sick.

Please speak as slowly as possible.

She talks everything over with her parents.


Himawan put the milk back into the refrigerator.

To deny sustenance to the Army of Northern Virginia, Sheridan determined to take the entire harvest of the Shenandoah Valley.

Moe reloaded his pistol.


It was a flood of truly Biblical proportions.


Anyway, you'll never know.

What do you think I should take?

Phil is buying.

Could you please look the other way while I change my clothes?

Is that car too small?

You're talking to a woman.

How do you do, Mrs. Allen? I'm pleased to meet you.


She's lost the plot.


Elsa is the only one not invited to my party.

I thought that was my job.

I will be blessed this year.

We're not exactly sure what it was.

I'm willing to spend a lot for a piano.

The situation is much worse than we thought.

Could you help me find Lar?

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Let me find out.

Jan is a lawyer.

God never closes a door without opening another.

I was too late.

I've prepared eggplant and egg for my breakfast.

That's something I hadn't figured on.

You're a month behind with your rent.

I bought a pair of leather gloves.

That's not such a terrible idea.


The United Nations have proclaimed vast lists of human rights, but the great majority of humanity have no other than the rights to see, hear and stay quiet.

Are you having fun yet?

She extended a warm welcome to them.

I've converted all the audio files to MP3 files.

Why are you so worried?


I came by to feed Jagath's fish.

Lawrence just doesn't understand.

Do you want to get married and have children?


Is it harder to forgive or to forget?

I'm not the only one in trouble here.

I have a pretty good idea who Prakash will be hanging out with tonight.