AJS Cloud Time Management System

Introducing Smart way of tracking and managing employee time. This is not an ordinary Time-clock or Time tracking application but a Time Management System with built in Business Intelligencey.

Real-time monitoring of employees at each location

Real-time monitoring of employees with geographical location. Track job with automated deadlines. Employees clock-in/out using mobile phone at project GEO location only. Create GEO-fence for each project location and limit employee’s movement out of the project. Click at the project location for Navigation system to help drive to the exact project location.

Disable GEO tracking for trustworthy employees. One single screen, no scrolling in or out. Look at your location and see how close you are to the project. Color coding to show Job status with: Green(on-time), Yellow(delayed) and Red(Late). Employees with non-smart phone can clock in and clock-out using SMS. Control Overtime by moving employees around with simple two steps on the Screen Allocate employees to projects via the web interface. Manager, Supervisors and employee interface. Dead Spot-proof; If No-GEO location available, the app will save data and push as soon as online.

GEO and Location Monitoring

Stop looking at Paper Time cards No need to run reports!! Let the system work for you. Save your Administrative cost One Glance look at all your projects in real-time as employee’s clock-in/out or at break. Take Multiple Breaks Automatically logout if outside the GEO fence. Cloud based Pay as you go. No yearly commitment No more paper!! No more chasing employees/contractors Transparency between Employee and Employer and vice versa, no more conflict on who worked where and when.