Everyone had a good time at the party.


My mischievous neighbor.

Stay away from them.

She came home very late.


She writes music for a living.

I can't get my head around her.

He may be in Paris now, for all I know.

I'm not sure Lex is willing to help us.

Piete tried to hide his fear.

I don't forget to write the zip code.

I often recall my happy childhood memories.

Don't worry, these things happen.

May I trouble you to pass me the salt?

I think we'll find them.

Add it to the list.

From what Tai tells me, we are doing very well this quarter.

He turned with a vengeance against the religion he was brought up in.

Have I left anything out?

The police questioned Lord again.

His attempt to escape was successful.

Has anybody heard from them?

Do you let Part tell you what to do?

The guy was acquitted when the prosecutor failed to prove that he had committed the crime.

These items must be returned to their rightful owner.

Two wrongs don't make a right.

I'm happy that it's over.

Candlemass is an influential Swedish doom metal band.

It is time to feed the sheep.

Can't we be reasonable here?

Let somebody else hire her.

You don't want to let on how smart you really are.

It took Joshua several hours to assemble a bunk bed that the instructions said would take less than an hour to assemble.

I wasn't informed of this.

Tell me where I can find it.

The building is under construction.


I was slightly surprised.

You remember me, don't you?

I don't think Joe will be in Boston next summer.


Aaron did it against his will.


Emmet's theory appears repeatedly in these papers.

There's no way we can get this done by next Monday.

I almost laughed out loud.

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Morgan eventually left.

Is there anyone living in that house?

That could change.

Go to the extraction point.

The plumber ate some mushrooms and proceeded to stamp small life forms.


I guess we're going to need a doctor.


I taught you better than that.

The hotel has a pleasant atmosphere.

What is at issue in this debate is the survival of our planet.


Roberta set his glasses down on the desk next to his computer.

Kitty does nothing but complain.

The weather is very windy.

No decided to go look for Sharada.

Excuse me, can you make the sushi without wasabi?

We've missed a great opportunity.

Sarah says she's never had a boyfriend.

I've been waiting for Panzer since 2:30.

Chip and Malus are no longer together.

When are you coming to Melbourne again?

The days grow shorter as winter approaches.


Are you really always here or not?

What do we do when that happens?

Stanley was wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt.

At a very early age, Mae developed interests in anthropology, archaeology, and astronomy that she pursued throughout her childhood.

I went into an Italian pizzeria.

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Why don't you come over?

He did the unthinkable.

It sounds nothing to hear, but it was hellish to see.

Do you remember the day when we met first?

Christopher lied to Pierce about who he was.

Can you hear I'm calling?

I worked on a farm.


Mom, let's go! I don't wanna be here.


Laurianne, apologize to your sister. You made her cry.

He began experimenting in making better roads.

In 1777, I followed my father to the government offices at Haining to work for him.


I want to send her a letter.

Hans and Craig were neighbors, but seldom saw each other.

I just wanted to tell you I still love you.

I saw Tharen riding on the back of Niels's motorcycle.

This is the castle which we visited last week.

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I can't remember anything from last night.

Trent looked pretty good.

Surya just took a chance and called Irvin to ask her out.


She is still financially dependent on her parents.


We all knew that it would happen sooner or later.


He asked me whether I was busy.

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"It is when you overcome that, that a boy becomes something-something" "If you're trying to say something important sounding keep talking right to the end!"

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How long does it take to get to Chicago from here?

There is something you must know.

Any paper will do.


You may impress me, but you'll never impress Spock.

They knocked the box to pieces.

What the hell does a priest know about sex?


We've come to get you.

I killed her by drowning her in a tub filled with Neo Kobe pizza.

I was surprised at how expensive the shoes were.


He worked very hard to make his dream come true.

They are generally located in Switzerland, France, and in Belgium, as well.

"Where have those six got to?" "They've escaped."


I bought this product for a fraction of its price.

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I will never forget that kind, loving woman.

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Maybe she can tell you more.

The country's main social problem is poverty.

Turn the Christmas tree lights off when you leave the house.

Talk to you later.

Some people were born to make others miserable.

I don't think I've heard that word in a long time.

Bobby promised to help.

Every morning she helps her mother to prepare breakfast in the kitchen.

I sleep standing up.

The child believes that the earth is flat.

Shouldn't you be at work already?

He asked the lady standing next to him some questions.

What questions do you have about Turkey?

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I can't see!

He caught them stealing apples.

I've lost interest in golf.

Don't hit the wrong button.

Help yourself to the fruit.

Knute wanted his son to live in the city.

Don't do anything embarrassing.

Blake continued crying.

Nothing can prevent her from marrying him.


Air is for people what water is for fish.

Santa has moved to Australia.

Brush your teeth before going to bed.

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What's the door locked for?

She did not desire his death.

The man was young.


Jayant led the way and I followed.

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If you take 3 from 8, 5 remains.

They hurried out.

It is not clear whether Lander intended to alter Emmet's style from the beginning.

Kyung told me that he and Amir were planning on going to the beach this coming weekend.

Can she see me?

I saw Kris yesterday and he looked sad.

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty girl.

Markus is waiting for Phill's reply.

Bonnie knows a lot about music.

Tell me how you got your name.

I only want what's best for Marcel.


A part of this land is mine.

Karl said she wanted to marry me.

She is beside herself with rage.

I've just signed the divorce papers; I'm free at last!

As the orchestra in the space hotel's ballroom played on, dancers from various worlds swayed gaily about.


These photos have been shopped.

Just talk to him.

Let's not even think about that.

She's not coming on the trip because her parents won't let her.

Perry left right after Liber did.

I parked around back.

Hazel has a cute girlfriend.

Tharen pointed to the floor.

Debbie fell asleep with the light on.

I think I know as much as you.

I felt the brush of her hand against me.

Mike walked up to the boy.

Nothing would please him but I must do it myself.


Too many people have serious problems with Italian language.

The country was industrialized very quickly.

I don't think we need to do that today.