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We make sure your goals are achieved!
Quality and Success Rocha & Associates Ltd.
pride ourselves for being a very client oriented company.

We are passionate at Rocha & Associates is a different and better business partner. We create unparalleled value for our clients by combining industry-leading Consulting capabilities with comprehensive Staffing and recruitment services.

Clients trust us to deliver results based on our deep expertise and proven resources within finance, accounting, and information technology. Through our flexible delivery approach, you get the right solution, at the right time to accelerate your success and achieve all of your mission-critical objectives.

The definition of “ROCHA or ROCA ” sums up our methodology and approach to difficult obstacles. The ROCA is a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values but can vary infinitely within a continuum.

Meet Our partners

Eugenio Rocha Schwartz
Alberto Getz
Antonio Valentino
Johana Rodriguez Rocha
  • I have always invested in diamonds and property, but now having the benefit of an expert fund manager I let him do the work while Spend more time playing golf.

    P. Russell, Ericksson Values Inc

  • SProbably one of my better decisions to Call Alberto Getz (Account Manager), having built an excellent relationship and invested in the property fund I am enjoying a very decent return.

    Mrs J Walters, La Prieta Global Ltd.

  • Very good support throughout.... Keep up the good work ..

    Paul M. Bradly,HD Lasko Inc.