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The second quarter GNP growth was higher than predicted.


I can't believe she did that to me - she turned out to be a real frenemy.

I'm plastered.

Please, tell him for once.

It's deadly serious.

Did Deirdre look busy?


Holly adds a little money to his savings account each month.

Is it going to snow?

The car made a turn to the left.


Let me check the system here.

When was the potato introduced in Japan?

Sabrina took off his shirt.

On January 27, 1967, the cockpit of Apollo 1 caught fire during a practice countdown. United States astronauts Edward White II, Virgil Grissom, and Roger Chaffee died in the fire.

He could not join us because he was ill.


Are there any French magazines in your school library?


Every once in a while I read about a priceless antique that someone found in their attic.

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She is an angel of a girl.


At last he stopped before an old house, and caught another glimpse of the town.

Somebody told me you had a boyfriend.

And you know what ? We're done !

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I think you can help her.


No, you are not crazy.

The president abolished slavery.

I wish she could sing as well as you.

I think of you, and I smile. Thank you for the memories which fill my heart to the brim with happiness.

Is it morally wrong to eat the meat from some animals, but not other animals?

I didn't make a mistake.

You've really done a fine job.

We're continuing the conversation.

He ran faster than his brother did.


I hear his business is on the verge of going bankrupt.

The official languages of the UN are Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

Karen agreed to stay.

He answered my question with a "no."

Who owns these reindeer?


You may never be able to walk again.

I know you're not like that.

I never had an appointment with the doctor.

By this time I should think every Christmas dinner at Dreamthorp or elsewhere has come to an end.

My sister is so annoying.


We couldn't take a bath for want of water.

I find Mason intriguing.

She is not as intelligent as you.

Don't get upset!

Silver doesn't cost as much as gold.

The yin is dark, while the yang bright.

The Japanese telephone system is highly efficient.


Yolks are yellow.

She's not as short as I am.

Saumya wanted me to drive.

Skef's parents never told him about the facts of life.

I don't think Pilar killed Skip.

I don't want to feel like this anymore.

Words once uttered cannot be recalled.

A north wind is blowing.

I have no privacy.

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Why did you want him to leave?

My favorite TV show's been canceled.

Presley is busy right now and he can't help you.


There were two left.


Watch out for that man.

They've lost so much.

You seem depressed.


A stringed instrument might be plucked, bowed, or struck.

Pratap wasn't entirely surprised.

The car wasn't parked where Vick told me it was.

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I was offended at his behavior.

Are you aware of how much she loves you?

"And that's your best?" Pascal retorted spitefully.


I'm not dumb.

I'm very sorry about the mistake.

You don't know what Barton might do.

Do you think you could persuade Roderick to join our team?

Say I am sick!

There's nowhere to hide.

He wears shoes but wears no socks.

I'll ask around and see if I can find any other information.

Let's dispense with formalities.


I suggest we get out of here as fast as we can.

When was the last time you saw Reinhard at school?

She can speak Spanish as well as English.

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Honestly, I am not the most accurate person on earth.


This is annoying.


Pedro found me a job.

I'm too busy to see him.

Why do I have to work overtime?


If they started at two, they should arrive at six.

I need the book! Where is it?

This used to be a close-knit neighborhood.

We aren't quite there yet.

How am I going to compete with that?


Tracy lost her glasses.

I think, the matter is cut and dried.

She will go abroad in six months.

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From the buyer's point of view, the prices of these CD players are too high.

Slartibartfast has been there for three years.

If you keep on like this, you'll probably live to reach 120!

Don't remember anything?

Avery dried the dishes.

Janice is now Randy's assistant.

Gerald had a very good time.


Ralf is going to need a push.

Why does that man look so familiar?

I told Vistlik he could be my partner.


If you have finished, return it to me.

She has talent in writing.

Arnold's dream was to be able to speak French fluently.

Avery kept his distance.

A lot of my classmates think that I'm dumb.


I enjoyed Richard's wit.

Her writing is very good.

I'm 27.


I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

That was out of line.

Look at the sunny side of things.

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Don't forget to turn left near the drugstore and you will see a big church on the right.

Enjoy yourself at the ball.

I told you to stay in the room.

I'm trying to help you keep your job.

Anatole's stranded.

The short man wears a sweater.

We both have to go to work.

Don't tell Bud where you live.

Earle can swim faster than anyone else I know.

He who helps others, in turn shall be helped by them.

She advised him to see the dentist, but he said that he didn't have enough time to do so.

She looks like a Russian.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body.


Juan likes Socorrito's long black hair.

Clyde has gone out for a walk.

I had to do this today.

The closet door won't open.

Give this to Miltos.

He uses an old-style razor, with shaving cream, for a closer shave.

Rather - who the heck are you?! Iori enquired of the girl, ignoring my form rolling around on the floor.


Marco left an envelope on your desk.

It'll be over in a moment.

Many software companies offer free versions of their products, albeit with limited functionality.

He is different from his older brother.

I'm not rich enough.

I've been briefed.

It was very hard for me to find your flat.

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Do you really think you can run as fast as me?


He wasn't the kind of father to make much of such matters.

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I'm going to write her a note.

I had stage fright at first, but I got over it quickly.

A prism decomposes light.

What a small world!

I gave him a ride home.


As far as I'm concerned, his perfume is an aphrodisiac.

Let's not deal with that problem right now.

They mistook him for his brother.

If you had parked your car here, you would have been fined.

A forty-year-old woman is only something to the men who have loved her in her youth!

Hi (how are you?), my name is Pekka. What is your name?

I interpreted his silence as consent.

This couch is very comfortable.

In the same way?

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She must be over eighty.

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I want to leave.