Lottie’s corner is in the works!

Over the weekend I had a video conference with a web designer who is going to be helping me to launch my children’s boutique within the next couple of months. Words cannot even begin to describe how excited I am about the coming months. Opening my own children’s boutique has always been a dream of mine and now I am well on my way to making that happen.

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The one bedroom apartments here at Copper Beech have two wall AC units, one in the living room and another in the bedroom. Well if you have never had a wall unit I do not suggest that you start now! They are nasty and irritating. For the first 2 months that we lived here we still had the summer heat making the condensation evaporate but now that it is getting colder the condensation started dripping down into our apartment soaking the carpet and everything around it. I have major allergy issues and with the water collecting in the carpet it was causing it to mildew and mold making me sick. We have put in a work order to have this problem looked at and even the maintenance had no clue how to fix it. They came today and put in a new unit in the living room and cleaned out the one in the bedroom so hopefully the problem will subside! I am not sure how much more dripping and mold I can take. :(


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Every year I help my mom put on a Halloween Dance/Trunk-or-Treat for our Girl Scout Service Unit. At this event we have anyone who wants to dress up and we have food and games for them to play as well as the Trunk or Treat. For the Trunk or Treat we have anyone who wants decorate their trunk and we have a judge go out and pick the top three trunks. After the judging the kids are free to go get gobs of candy and treats. This event always makes Halloween a special time for me.

Switching Majors

Ever since I was in 9th grade I always said that I wanted to go in to the IT field and when I started college that is exactly what I was doing. However, now that I have gotten into my major classes for this degree I have decided that although I do like everything that I am learning I do not have the attention span for this type of job. On top of having a very short attention span I also have dyslexia which tends to make it quite difficult when trying to type things. With these struggles I have decided that I am going to switch into business and finish out my degree there.