Do you like the new school better?

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I didn't give anything to them.

New York bristles with towering buildings.

What began 21 months ago in the depths of winter cannot end on this autumn night. This victory alone is not the change we seek. It is only the chance for us to make that change. And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were. It can't happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice. So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.


Nothing comes easy.

The door is open.

Everybody fails once or twice.


He has a great deal of intelligence for a child.

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More and more students are learning Chinese.

He made me write the letter with a pen.

We knew Sunil was going to be back.

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He has gained a few pounds.

I was adopted by Manny.

His essay was concise and to the point.


The flowers are wilting.

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Golf is now within the reach of everyone.

Knowing very well that his wife wanted to go to a movie, the husband, who was a dog in the manger, cooked up a scheme whereby they had to stay at home waiting for a certain visitor who was not expected to come.

It's been there a while.


Take off your wig.

The hunter shot the bird.

Oskar is on vacation in Australia.

Do it any way you can.

It's a work in progress.


The young widow got engaged once more.


I promise you I'll come early.

"Don't stop, Tony," said Linda.

I told him not to drive my car.

I've never had problems before.

Rahul writes very neatly, doesn't he?

I want you to talk to her.

The balance at the bank stands at two million yen.


Emil doesn't know the difference between a mule and a donkey.


Is Daren out of his mind?

The Romans built aqueducts to bring clean water into the cities.

Sridhar is in the back yard.

Yesterday we went to the cinema.

I would never testify against my wife.


Open your eyes.

I can't be friends with Charley.

This is a nice place, don't you think?

He folded the papers and threw them onto the table.

Dwight loves horses.


She hasn't done her homework yet.


That's really weird.

The actor looked his part.

The Nile is a river.

I'm hoping to arrive this weekend.

Toss it there!

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They executed him.

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I'm not going to let you go back to Boston.

Don't even think of going there.

You may as well leave at once.


We came to the conclusion that we should support the movement.

I'd like to sell my books!

That doesn't sound very polite.


This is all I have.


I can play the piano.

We could hear the groans of the injured man.

The lunch she brought to me was as delicious as rumoured.

He made a pack for the clothes, bound together with rope.

Damone and Cristi are in the same boat.

How much food should I be feeding my dog?

I am very happy to see you.


It's recommended that you don't write your passwords down where others might see them.

We had not been waiting long when the moon appeared.

It is not far away from the hotel.

Where is the latrine?

I'm just not cut out for this kind of work.

She chose the most spirited horse in the stable.

At least, we finished the first part.

Hello, I have a reservation, my name is Kaori Yoshikawa. Here is the confirmation card.

Phrases are syntactical units.


An Englishman would not pronounce it like that.

I'll let her know you called.

We really need your help.

The dog that bit the child was caught soon after.

Two senior officials are suspected of accepting bribes from real estate companies.

It's somewhere in this room.

We camped for two weeks in the national park.

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Do you remember that?

When are you going to get married?

The man wears glasses.

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A fire broke out in the 86-story Torch tower in Dubai.

I've never seen Dana wear a hat.

Am I imagining this?

Miriamne prefers whole-grain cereals.

The storm will make it impossible for the ship to leave port.


This watch costs around fifty thousand yen.


He that is giddy thinks the world turns round.


This house is not very large.


We listened to his lecture on the radio.


She wrote the book about people she visited.

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I don't know what to say...

Officers of the navy wear white uniforms.

I can't tell him now. It's not that simple.

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It's gotten easier.


Ro won the sharpshooter medal.

Taurus put his hands into his pockets.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

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He is one of my best friends.

Oh luck! Like the moon you change; steadily you wax and then wane again.

Some of my friends can speak French well.

I need some tea.

The bag was too heavy for me to move.

Tomas got shot at.

Merril has done this before, I can tell.


I've got something in my eye.


Nathan doubts if Roderick will come tomorrow.


Raanan is the meanest kid in school.


Denis could do it.


Unfortunately, this house has already been sold.

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May I have a couple of cheese sandwiches?

Imogen of the Internet expresses genuine surprise that other people's favorite radio stations are not M3U streams from servers halfway across the world.

Some people are pretty scared.

I have nothing to do with that.

I suggest you do your job and let me do mine.

I am glad to help you.

Marguerite has been asking about you.

He working all right.

Patrice turned the lights off.

This problem is too difficult for primary school children to solve.

We were not invited to the party.

"Do you hate me?" "No." "So do you love me?" "Why are you asking?"

What's the cash limit on this card?

Dean is the only person who can do that, I think.

Subra was so considerate.

You'd tell me if there was a problem, right?

It was smaller than I had imagined.


You've got my vote.

Irvin looks beautiful.

You get up at 5 o'clock every morning.

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Christie likes oranges.

Step aside.

How one can let themselves go in such a way, is unfathomable.

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It didn't go too well.


You said you hated that, didn't you?


The problem is that I don't have any money.

The user you to want to send this message to does not exist. Please try with another username.

Maybe Alberto will do that for us.

You don't have to stand over me.

Her clothes attracted much attention at the party.

This must be my lucky day.

I'm wounded.

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We have put the Christmas presents under the tree.

Is that weapon loaded?

We just want to talk.

I think the meal was wonderful, wasn't it?

It is required to come to class on time.

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This can't be!

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I am a poor sailor, so I don't like to travel by boat.

You're unlucky.

Where can I rent a car?