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They haven't beaten us yet.

He acted like a lunatic.

Josh cheated me.

It's just a little further.

I may want to stay a while.

Leora was my only child.

The doctor thought that the patient's pulse was a little fast.

Is Ning local?

Answer this question once more, please.

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It's easier to make plans than to carry them out.

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I don't know whether we're still friends or not.

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He's trying to use you. Don't marry him!

She glanced through the magazine.

Do we really have to do that?

Does Marika like Japanese cars?

His lecture left a deep impression on the mind of those present there.

She is totally jealous of your youth.

He has quite a novel idea.

What a beautiful flower!

We can't do it alone.


I know. I've thought about how to pace myself.

"Whose shoes are these?" "They are my brother's."

Do you think I'd let that stop me?

We couldn't have done that without Nancy's help.

I was kind of shocked.

You have caused me to lose my temper.

The ice under your feet will break.

I have nothing to say in this regard.

Although the book cover officially credited Dustin as the memoir's author, his paid ghostwriter came to regret portraying the subject of his book in a flattering light.

It is just half past seven.

Don't you think that you should tell her about this?

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You're going to break it if you're not careful.


Put your coat on. It's cold outside.


Why are you doing the dishes? Let Francisco do them.

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Wolf should've finished his homework by now.


The best way to learn is to make mistakes.

Qo'noS is the home planet of the Klingons.

We enjoyed watching the fireworks on a bridge last summer.

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You look Japanese.

He says the sweetest things.

Our magazine's readership numbers in the thousands.


The professor always teaches in jeans and a shirt.


What's this got to do with them?


Tuan fell back to sleep.


I hadn't been paying much attention to what the speaker was saying, but suddenly his words made me sit up and take notice.


Can you tell us how that'll work?

When they got close, they fired their guns.

The thing I'm planning to do is study French.

Some people think that it is difficult for a native speaker of English to learn Chinese, but I disagree.

There are good people in the world.

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Ferdinand won't give the speech because he's got a cough.

Seeing her mother, the girl burst into tears.

I knew we'd win.

Just being is good enough.

I think you're going to enjoy yourself tonight.


For how many people?


Why buy a calculator if you already have one?

You're a good liar.

Patrice is meeting with a client.

You are about my age.

Varda and Brad are wrong.

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Everything is at a standstill.

Dick, a self-made millionaire, had lived in abject poverty as a child.

Did you open the box?


Let's see how Corey is doing.

She can understand everything he's saying.

Erick begged me to help him.

How could you know that?

I needed to see Anderson again.

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That's what you said last time.

He hasn't got the foggiest.

Don't worry. You can confide in me.

Sam is a ruffian.

I've been out of the loop for a while. Can you bring me up to speed?

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Don't make me beg.

She didn't mean to offend anyone with her remark.

Never rub your eyes when your hands are dirty.

Terrorism is the most important factor for the division of a country and the creation of autonomous regions.

Earnie is definitely not stupid. He's just lazy.

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I was told that I should sleep at least seven hours a day.

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Let's go to Boston.

Could someone please read this sentence aloud for me?

I'm exhausted.


It is hard to say which car is nicer.

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The rich are apt to look down on people.


You're not too late.


Joni and Damone work really well together.

Can you explain why Darci wasn't at the meeting?

Relying on strength alone cannot guarantee victory.


I have nowhere to go.

He is drawing a picture.

I told him you went home sick.

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Samir lives on the other side of the valley.

What makes you think Manjeri did that?

You really sleep a lot!

You must be proud.

Shawn is the perfect guy for me.

She is above telling a lie.

If I get a good mark, I can pull off an A in biology.

He was able to bring everything to a good end.

I didn't lie to Robin.


Kristian may have to cancel the picnic.


Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

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We couldn't grasp the meaning of what he was trying to say.

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You buy us batteries.

I have no intention to act so.

What's Sanand trying to prove?

I can't remember doing that.

I burp a lot.

Gerald has friends in Boston.

She was invited.

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Haste is waste.

I will do what you say.

All essays must be handed in on time.

Tea or coffee - which would you like?

To visit my friend.

Len didn't finish her lunch.

See you on Monday.

Hold my hand and look into my eyes.

I love what I'm doing.


What's Sandy really like?


It felt really good.

In summary, you can call the ship, with complete justification, a floating sanatorium.

I need a bath.

I don't like his smart way of talking.

Do you intend to teach Esperanto to your children?


It's difficult to live in this city.

I just want to make sure that his offer has no strings attached.

He flatters himself that he is something of a poet.

He can't stop laughing.

We remained silent.


I don't think they can behave themselves at the party.

I'm at the end of my rope.

Which of the two ways do you choose?

There is some wind.

Do you know his birthplace?

The sound of the wind is scary. It feels like the sound of ghosts.

I wish I'd brought my skis.


What do you think Liz will do?


Now why would you go and do a stupid thing like that?

We bought bread and milk.

Aimee wasn't at all keen to stay in the castle, which he'd heard was haunted.

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He's just like you.


I won the fight.

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I really like them a lot.


I'll wait for you in the hotel tomorrow.

It will take you a whole lifetime to understand a crank like him.

Laura's dreams have come true.


It's frozen hard.


Nobody else got hurt.

I don't know why Manolis got sick.

Raman is an ambitious young man.