I couple this song with his name.

Don't repeat what I've told you.

His new car looked all right.

This is not a book for children.

Go get her medicine and a glass of water.

A convict has escaped from prison.


That's what it looks like.

Carole was not the man of my dreams.

Oleg and Shaw were frightened.

He is fond of this kind of music.

Luke is now in danger.

I hope you can make it to our party.

His real name is Bruno.

I can't reach him.

Don't disturb them.

They're quiet.

I could look at this for hours.

At last, she has brought the plan into effect.

He buys the tobacco at the black market.

There's a rumor going around that Rayan likes Root.

She said that they were good friends of hers.

It seems like a dream.

Suddenly the telephone rang.


He came yesterday to see you.


His success is contingent upon his efforts.

Thanks to you, I have problems with my blood pressure.

A tale never loses in the telling.

Self-harm is difficult to understand if you've never felt the need to practice it.

I know why Eddy resigned.

We've been much busier than we expected to be.

Are you sure, Nguyen?

Go tell him that.

We played all together.

Daniel got a good job.

Please don't use Facebook during business hours.

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The girl looked embarrassed at his rude question.


We know what needs to be done.

I would have liked to come with you, but I didn't have time.

She promised to marry him, but she didn't.

Mail order is the main form of direct marketing.

I don't know why I did that.

You should be ashamed of your conduct.

Arne isn't afraid to fail.

I'd like to go through just one day without being told I look like my brother.

Graeme didn't even know Darren had left.


That wasn't Duane's idea.

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Phil asked me if I knew anybody living in Boston.


I am hungry.

All things are obedient to money.

Get on with it, Niels.

Children should not have more money than is needed.

How do we get him out of jail?

They buy these goods cheaply overseas and then mark them up to resell at home.

That's why I wasn't able to arrive yesterday.

Ewes bleat to call their lambs, the most gentle and meekest of animals.

Would you mind helping us?

I don't have any pictures of George.

I already called him.

Christopher will come back at 2:30.

I can't put up with the way he spits.

Let's go see them.

Men like lovely women.

Up to now, I've never been successful with languages with more than four cases.

His kingdom is your hell.

I didn't realize you knew her.

Their intimacy grew with the years.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes when you speak English.

We deplore your cruelty to animals.

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I have a long drive ahead of me.


You can't buy this medicine without a prescription.

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We take risks all the time.

I couldn't keep lying to them.

My mother tasted the milk.

I had no doubts.

I'm never getting married.


I know what it looks like.

You didn't put your flight number.

Eva and Morgan are wrong.


Sanand didn't look too good.

Nici says he's never had a girlfriend.

Life is but a flash of lightning and beauty lasts only a day! Think of the skulls of the dead that all are alike.

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I haven't had a vacation in years.

We had some good times.

This is really brilliant.

I knew what she was thinking.

I failed to get the position I wanted.

This is all he has to do.

Marsh drowned in the ocean.

We can't find them.

This e-mail is confidential and may also contain privileged information.

Let's just get on with it, OK?

What will we eat?


Maybe Tolerant will do that for us.


He raised his hat.

Dawson and Krzysztof seem to be enjoying themselves.

I've been writing letters.

Do you really expect Paola to arrive on time?

I was looking for the remote.

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How many times will you have to go to the dentist?

I wish them luck.

I'd better not eat that.

I want to be with you forever.

We're definitely going to miss Sir.

We know everything about that.

This book costs more or less 20 euros.

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I am extremely envious of those people.


Jayesh didn't get a reply.

Roger must stay in the hospital for at least a week.

We couldn't have wished for a better start of things.


He gave me a promise to come back soon.


I can smell what you're smelling.

I am lost. Can you help me, please?

Dan gave Linda a piece of chocolate.

I feel fine now.

When men go to the gym it seems they really work their biceps.

Police arrested one man.

A Haiku is a very short poem.

He is the greatest poet that ever lived.

One of the perks of my promotion is a chic, corner office with a great view of the skyline.


Don't ask me such difficult questions.

Greetings from France!

Tim wanted to know if I might be interested in a job at his company.

I'm going to deal with Terri.

It wasn't as easy to do that.


In the afternoon I must arrange for the trip.

Frank will be jealous.

They try to do right and not look at what others are doing.

She cherished the child as her own.

She's destroying her clothing.

The party in power is corrupt, but the opposition is little better.

I have little money now.


Why did you not tell me the truth?


Sherri doesn't like being treated like a child.

She isn't so against the idea.

He's depressed.

Is it really all over the place?

Sumitro doesn't want to become vegan.

You never told me your name.

That's what I was hoping to hear.


Nici couldn't help overhearing what Kee said to John.


Mats thinks he's figured it out.


Elric lost the desire to learn French.

We also have to make sure that it is not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country to be able to obtain weapons to get at them.

Niall told you what happened, didn't he?

This medicine is not sold yet in pharmacies.

Let me try that.

This must be important.

He is possessed of intelligence.

Valeria kept his eyes open.

The investigation is under way.

Is this the bus for Park Ridge?

Eisenhower had campaigned to end the war.


I'm the one who saved you.

Do you want a soda?

Vivek took an ice bath after the race.

I shall stay here for the time being.

His behavior disappointed many of his friends.


You sure are busy, aren't you?

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Art put the pill in his mouth and drank some water.

What's wrong with them?

It's a fight of all against all.


I kept telling Norbert to calm down.


He was able to pass the difficult test.

Without science, there is no future.

My lungs were screaming for air.

The kids are having fun.

The wheat is coming very well this year.