This is my little sister Sakiko. She was born the same year as me and is now studying for her exams.

Franklin gave me a big bear hug.

I suggest you keep your voices down.

Take another look.


We're frightened.

Isn't that enough for you?

Liza knows Rusty is rich.

I looked the word up in the dictionary.

Takayuki showed me the way.

Ricardo got US$ 500 for winning.

His explanation is too obscure to understand.

I just heard that Anna and Rich are going to get married.

I have a high opinion of him.

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We're used to waiting.

A bat is not a bird any more than a fish is.

It takes a lot of electricity to power a country.

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We don't know that for sure.

Just don't let it ever happen again.

What do you want to eat this weekend?


The animals had to be killed.


Maybe you should just fire them.


Please teach me English.

Can you buy me a ticket?

You speak German, don't you?

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They were extremely excited.

Shuvra owes Niall a chance.

I always thought medical students were very busy and hard-working people. Then I met you.


Come over here.

Everybody was jealous of my success.

The witch resurrected the monster.

This color doesn't suit you.

We are going to have a baby next month.

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I'm Alfred's oldest son.

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Please turn out the lights when you leave.

Olivier is looking a lot better.

Thank you for braking. You almost killed us!

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The company he used to work for went into bankruptcy last month.

It is hard to translate a joke into another language.

They're very likely to arrive next week.

I'm very pleased with it.

Spy died of a heart attack.


They are accustomed to hard work.


That was what I was going to say.


I think that Saad and only Murph can do it. However, some people think that Malaclypse could do it, too.

I'm waiting for her to come here.

What's your best guess?


Manavendra was the only one aboard the ship when it sank.


Wendell got out of the truck.

Headlines are supposed to grab the reader's interest.

"However", stressed Vladimir Putin, "today is another situation".

Sanand barged through the front door.

Josh didn't have a job.

Axel isn't really a doctor, you know.

You can often tell where a person comes from by the way he speaks.

We debated on the question of world population.

Science is too hard.

I thank you for your honesty.

Did I get you?


You're an animal.

I love my job.

It's really hard to choose the right color.

I don't believe Angus can do that.

Emmett stared at Kris in disgust.

Les is allergic to bees.

Lynne played a waltz on the piano using only his thumbs and Kaj was very impressed.

The government's expenditures are a bit excessive.

We needed to act quickly.

He warned the children against playing in the street.

I'm not used to it.

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Clara has known Trevor since they were both very young.

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.

Ravi said that if he won the lottery, he'd buy a new house.

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We all anticipate seeing you next weekend.

Don't feel sorry for me.

Somebody was murdered.

His parents told him to get into a university.

Pete sat next to Vince at the concert.


She's a ghost writer.

I can't figure out how to transfer MP3 files to my iPod.

I think it's nice around here.

The ship will make a stop at Cadiz.

Sheep feed on grass.


Everybody learns their own language and never make any effort to learn even one word of other languages.

This store always closes at eight.

I completely agree with Scott.

I couldn't help them.

Is it something I said?

I always get those two names confused.

I never thought they'd be this stupid.

He'll be seventeen in February.

Whenever you come, you will be our guest.


That plan can hardly be improved upon.

It's time for us to leave.

Be quiet and listen.

It's not going to rain tonight.

They were in perfect health.


It's time to do something.

They won't stay.

I will explain to him until he understands.


Mother Nature is beautiful.


He was caught cheating on the exam and got called on the carpet.


I know what's happened to them.

I've tried and helped him out in everyway I could possibly think of but it seems to have made no difference whatsoever after all.

There is no end in sight to the U.S. trade deficit with Japan.

We expect a very cold winter this year.

What is a language?

He knows New York inside out.

I wonder what's going to happen to us.


He was very shy and sweet.

Slow economic recovery has sent auto sales plummeting.

Work hard, and your salary will be raised by degrees.

They gave in to my opinion.

He started to cry.

I can't believe that you made Miriamne cry.

Stephen has been better.

She never listens to the teacher.

Noemi can never get my name right.


"Where is my book?" "It's in the classroom."

Those fish I just caught will be our dinner tonight.

We enjoyed a long voyage across the Pacific Ocean.


Now I can go home with good conscience.

Do you have any problem with Trey staying with us for a few weeks?

My head starts to hurt when I think about how annoying Chris is.

Have you tried restarting your computer?

I heard you coughing.

Sergiu should probably tell Thuan he loves her.

Everything went as expected.

He picked out some important idioms.

I went to the department store with a view to buying a present.

Is this seat vacant?

It was a wonderful morning.

It can also be said this way.

No fewer than five hundred students were present.


If you frequently spit-up blood you should call an ambulance or have a nearby physician make a house call.

He believes there to be a spy among us.

She made him happy.

How did the game come out?

Would you please lock the door?

No work is as hard as the one you don't like to do.

I found it difficult to put it into practice.

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Did you think about our offer?


I'm not doing this.

It's a stupid system.

Did you use toilet paper?


I thought you wouldn't like me.


Let forgiveness come and wash away everything I have done.

She politely declined the invitation.

She's attracted to Asian guys.

I thought they were angry with me because I didn't help them wash the car.

I think it might be raining.

Wayne started crying as well.

It gave me the creeps.

This condo is getting old. Why don't we redecorate to give it a fresh feel?

Vick is wearing his coat.

Kikki might be willing to help.

You will never get him to agree.

That's a doll.

I suggested that we should start at once.

One advantage of being old is that you no longer desire all the things that you couldn't afford to buy when you were young.

We'll be back tomorrow night.

Marc got kicked by a mule.

Why did you say that to him?

We went on a picnic to the woods.

We just want our money back.


Read the sort of books that you can easily understand.